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To find out more about advertising with us email us on [email protected]or phone us on +353-1-8839270 is the Number One weddings website in Ireland

Our traffic statistics for August 2011 speak for themselves:

4,881,364 Pageviews

617,369 Visits

264,174 Absolute Unique Visitors

View Google Analytics Report here was launched on Valentine’s Day 2000 and is Ireland’s largest weddings marketing business. Over 1000 wedding industry suppliers from wedding venues, wedding jewellery, wedding bands, wedding photographers, honeymoonsand gift lists have made Ltd as their marketing partner.

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Over 80% of Irish brides use to source wedding suppliers; it is Ireland’s largest weddings discussion forum and supplier directory.

Other Statistics for

  • Over 100,000 click thru’s to suppliers each month
  • A new bride registers every 40 minutes - that’s a potential customer registering every 40 minutes!
  • Over 80% of suppliers renew their subscriptions with us - because it works.
  • Weekly newsletter going out to 22,000 brides and grooms
  • Over 3 million forum posts have been made by 70,000 registered users.


It is a fact. ABCe* audited figure confirm that more people visit than any other weddings website in Ireland:

5.306m page impressions in a month

367,000 visits in a month

147,411 unique visitors in a month

We are the first and only weddings website in Ireland to have our traffic independently measured and verified. ABCe are recognized as the accepted industry standard for website traffic measurement. They also audit traffic for the likes of,,, etc. ABC also measure the circulation of newspapers.

Now you can rely on an independent verification of the fact that is the largest and busiest weddings website in the country and if you are an advertiser, you want to be on the site with the biggest audience as this gives you the best chance of getting a booking. Our renewal rates, which are over 80% are testament to the value and results that the site offers.

*Audit figures from ABC electronic, the online division of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Ask us for a copy of our official audit certificate by emailing us on [email protected] or phone us on +353-1-8839270


The discussion forum is the busiest of it’s kind and is THE place for brides and grooms to share ideas and recommendations.

If you are in the weddings business in Ireland, North or South, then you cannot afford not to be part of the network. There is a wide range of promotional and advertising opportunities available. We are Ireland's Busiest Wedding Website

  • WOL boasts Ireland’s largest bridal community in the country
  •, an independent web information company states the WOL is the ‘busiest and best forum in Ireland.’
  • won the Best New .IE Website at the National Internet Business Awards October 2000.
  • is in the top 10 most accessed Irish site.
  • Winner of Goldenspider Award 2009 and shortlisted for a GoldenSpider award 2005 and 2006.
  • We have top position in the worlds leading search engine -
  • We have more visitors than any other Irish Wedding Website.

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