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  • Winter Beauty Must Haves for the Bride-to-Be

    Friday 21 October 2021 - Beauty - Tags: hair, beauty

    By Karen Birney

    Right guys, time to get the white flags out, winter is here. Every year I'm dragged kicking and screaming into November, donned in a filthy maxi dress with nothing but an aging cardy to hide my shame (my goosebumps, that is). However this year I've come prepared. I have this weekend earmarked for upgrading my wardrobe (leather elbow patches for cardies, boots heeled, new shiny buttons for old winter coats) and I have already flushed out my make-up bag.

    As you are probably well aware, winter brides really need to look after their skin. Chapping is not a good look to sport on your wedding day. But while you need to take care of yourself, you are also on the go almost 24/7 with appointments, work, babies, or parties so you need to have on-the-go skincare, as well as some very transportable quick make-up fixes.

    Alas, I present to you my Top 10 Make-up and Beauty Products for Busy Brides this Winter! (Aka 'What-I-will-have-in-my-own-make-up -bag-til-March-possibly-April-next-year')


    winter beauty tips

    1. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub This is like a mini exfoliator for your tender lips, and is great at removing any dry skin from chapping without damaging the delicate skin. Only problem is trying no to eat it.

    2. Julie Hewett Camellia Balm in Pink As well as looking pretty and feminine, this lipbalm is a handy 2-in-1. If you find youself with excess on your fingers, rub it into your cuticals to soften and moisturise. Genious.

    3. MAC Pigment in Tan This is the most perfect little pot to bring you from the office to your bridal appointments or mini work bridal shower, and gives an instant lift to tired eyes. Just line a scraping under the lower lashes and BAM, you look like a megastar. I've had mine for nearly 5 years, so it's great value too at about €24.

    4. Smashbox Smokebox Eye Palette This is my newby, and a very welcome addition to my make-me-look-presentable-after-eight-hours-in-the-office bag. These two are limited editions from Smashbox but if you want to get your hands on them, pop back here on Monday, we have a little suprise for you!

    clinique high impact mascara

    5. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara My current favourite for va-va-voom mascara. My reason for including this in the winter beauty list is because I get really watery eyes in the cold wind and have found that this mascara doesn't run and sting like some others. That's a winner in my eyes. (badum)

    winter must haves beauty

    6. Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder One word: Amazingness. This is your go-to for on-the-go beauty in hair. No time to shampoo but roots feeling a little on the greasy side? Pepper yourself up and rub in. Also, if you've no room in your clutch for hairspray but can't live without some volume in your hair, Bob's you teapot (darn advertising!)

    7. Art Deco Lipstick in Red 03 My staple red lippie. And probably the red that will go well with all skintones. Winner.

    8. No7 Total Renewal Microdermabrasion A new skin for about €15, though if yours is sensitive I suggest giving it a miss. For me, it's the best exfoliator I've ever used.

    9. Aveda Hand Relief To keep hands well moisturised over the winter, though I suggest using a suncream underneath.

    10. American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Red This will be on my nails all winter long, and makes me feel super glam!


    So, what's in your make-up bag wishlist for winter? Let us know below!

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  • "If you're a bird...

    Friday 21 October 2021 - Photo Inspiration, Engagement Ideas - Tags: None

    engagement in the rain

    ...I'm a bird"
    -The Notebook
    Images by Clayton Austin

    Have a fun weekend x



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  • Vera Wang Fall 2012 Collection

    Thursday 20 October 2021 - Fashion - Tags: vera-wang

    It's landed. And it's left a crater.

    Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

    Photos via

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  • Real Wedding USA: DIY Retro Fun!

    Wednesday 19 October 2021 - Real Weddings - Tags: None

    A very cute DIY wedding in the US, full of colour and retro charm. We heart the bride's tulle underskirt!
    ben blood photography
    sequin shoes
    yellow wedding
    record collection
    yellow wedding palette

    Love the yellow ties with light grey suits on the groomsmen, it's like instant sunshine!

    bride colourful underskirt
    wedding geek chic groom

    The bride's tulle skirt and matching hairpiece are two very budget-friendly ways to add a big personality kick into her wedding attire.

    blue and yellow button holes

    To make similar felt buttonholes for the groomsmen, try this DIY felt buttonholes project out.

    yellow wedding
    wedding photobooth
    photobooth photos

    These photobooth photos are so cute, and as well as being a great keepsake from the day, you could also intergrate them into your thank you cards. Have a look here to see the wedding photobooth suppliers on this site.

    wedding tulle skirt
    wedding chairs ceremony
    diy table settings wedding
    wedding dessert
    wedding reception sign

    If you want to add a sign to direct people to your reception, you can find lots of wedding signs on our sister site,

    bride and groom bike
    retro bride and groom
    tired bride and groom

    Photographed by Ben Blood Photography

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  • Sneak Peak at Tomorrow's Real Wedding Post!

    Tuesday 18 October 2021 - Photo Inspiration - Tags: None

    ben blood

    See you then!

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  • Bring me some Bling

    Monday 17 October 2021 - Fashion, Jewelery - Tags: headpiece, sash, rhinestone, shoe-clips

    twigs and honey headpiece
    Photo by Elizabeth Messina for Twigs and Honey

    It's no secret that we love our bling here in WeddingsOnline HQ, and sure what would a wedding be without a bit of it? There are plenty of ways to add some sparkle to your wedding wear, whether it comes from rhinestones or diamontes, sequins or Swarovski. And it doesn't just have to be on your bodice. Headpieces, cuffs, shoes, bouquets and even your candles could don some extra bling, just have a look at a few of our selections below! And stay tuned this week because we have a blingtastic DIY project coming up!


    rhinestone headpiece bridal
    Left-Right: Top image Vintage Vine Royal by Harmione Harbutt | Bottom Image Twings & Honey, Myrakim on Etsy | Jenny Packham Acaica III | Johanna Johnson

    Shoe Clips

    rhinestone shoe clipsrhinestone bridal shoe clips
    Main image by Shaun Flanigan

    Clockwise from left: Finkshop | Kirsten Kuehn Designs | Past Splendors

    Bridal Sashes

    rhinestone bridal sashes
    All from Kirsten Kuehn Designs


    rhinestone cuffs
    From left: Johanna Johnson | Jenny Packham | Lovely Ever After via Etsy


    rhinestone bouquet ribbon
    Kirsten Kuehn Designs

    Get the look with WOL

    bridal hair combs
    All from JewelleryShopOnline

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  • She can kill with a smile...

    Friday 14 October 2021 - Photo Inspiration, Flowers - Tags: friday-love-on-wol

    Luisa Bianchin Vanity Fair
    italian wedding vanity fair

    ...She can wound with her eyes
    She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
    And she only reveals what she wants you to see
    She hides like a child,
    But she's always a woman to me."
    -Billy Joel, She's Always a Woman
    Photo by Luisa Bianchin for Vanity Fair July 2011

    Have a chic and sexy weekend all x


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  • Real Wedding USA: Boho Meets Black Tie

    Thursday 13 October 2021 - Real Weddings - Tags: real-wedding, boho-wedding, black-tie-wedding, american-wedding, wedding-inspiration

    When we saw Diana and Josh’s amazing wedding, photographed by W. Scott Chester, we fell head over heels in lust!

    Initially when you think of bohemian and black tie, you think of themes which are at totally opposite ends of the universe. But Diana and Josh perfectly combined these looks together to create a chic but eclectic, warm wedding!

    We especially loved their seating charts - boxes with vintage bowties and scarves with illustrated directions inside. Adorable! We also loved the photobooth they setup inside their vintage VW camper bus - the same VW camper they drove all around California for their honeymoon!


    Lurve this first look picture....


    They even played Casablanca in the background for that extra romantic feel... 


    See W. Scott Chester Photography for more pictures of Diana and Josh's wedding!

    To get this boho meets black tie look for your own wedding check out the WOL Suppliers Directory and Shop!

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  • Colour Palette: Purple, Cerise and Green

    Thursday 13 October 2021 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: unusual-wedding-colours, colour-themes, green-purple-and-cerise-colour-theme, colour-palette, purple, green

    These colours are bright and dramatic and are receiving a very warm reception in the world of weddings. When we see these purples, cerises and greens together we think of care-free, glossy, happy soirees! Add gold as an accent colour to finish off for a sophisticated, unique look.


    Wedding and Decor Images: Luna Photo | Tie: House of Fraser | Dress: Marks&Spencer | Earrings: Talullah Tu | Fascinator: Edel Ramberg | Shoe: Dune | Favour Box: |

    To get this green, cerise and purple palette for your own wedding check out the WOL Shop!

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  • Perfect Winter Bouquets

    Tuesday 11 October 2021 - Flowers - Tags: flowers, bouquets, purple

    pink grey cream bouquet

    This muted pink, grey and cream bouquet, handtied and finished with a white satin ribbon and vintage-style diamonté brooch brings a softness and sophistication to any wedding gown, adding to it just a whisper of old world charm.

    red bouquet

    This brilliant red bouquet is both striking and neat, and immediately draws the eye. Matched perfectly with red ribbon, this bouquet says drama and sensuality and is an easy way of adding a touch of wow to your wedding attire.

    cream bouquet with brooch

    This fluffy cream bouquet with white ribbon and dripping diamonté brooch would make a beautiful accompaniment to a sheer, sheath wedding gown, adding just the right amount of bling.

    purple wedding bouquet

    Left: Cream and moss green brings a earthy tone to wedding decor, and is the perfect mix to keep the whole style soft while adding a back-to-nature vibe. The white tulle and mini pearls add glamour to the bouquet.
    Right: This vibrant purple and pink bouquet is a wonderful way to add colour to a wedding outfit, or to set the tone of the decor for after. The colours bring a little bit of fun and femininity to the wedding table!

    pink cream grey bouquet

    Flowers by Frog Prince Weddings & Events See if Frog Prince are available for YOUR wedding day HERE
    Photography by Susan Jefferies Photography See if Susan has your wedding day free HERE
    Shot on location at Clonabreany House Check if Clonabreany House have your day avaible HERE

    Images are subject to copyright, please do not use these images without prior constent.

    Click to find a Florist in your area

    Click to find your perfect Photographer

    Click to browse other beautiful wedding Venues

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  • Staying Focused on your Wedding Day

    Monday 10 October 2021 - Beauty, Advice - Tags: laser-eye-surgery, eye-testing-ireland, laser-eye-surgery-price, ultralase-clinic

    laser eye surgery ireland Picture it: It’s your special day, and you’re marrying the love of your life. You and your bridesmaids have spent all morning having your hair styled and make-up applied. You have the dress of your dreams - the kind you’ve been fantasising about since you were three, the kind thatyou used to draw with your friends at school and the kind that took you many stressful hours to find. Your husband-to-be who, let's face it,is a bit of a scruff, has scrubbed up well and looks rather dashing in a suit and tails. All in all you’re one happy girl. Or you would be if youcould see it all sharp and in focus.

    Whether you’re long or short sighted, I can speak from experience as a best man that it gets old very fast having to put on then take off your glasses constantly throughout a wedding ceremony, depending on what’s going on. And though they are useful, I’m sure you, as a bride, wouldn’t want to wear a glasses chain around your neck all day and ruin your outfit. Of course the next best thing would be contact lenses (if you can get over the whole ‘touching your eyeball’ thing) and though your day will be seen in splendid clarity, you will have to take them out at night time which may interrupt other activities!

    So when you’re making a list of things to do for your wedding day to make it perfect, fixing your eye sight at an Ultralase Laser Clinic in Ireland might be something you would overlook or that wouldn't be at the top of your priority list. But think of it this way - as one of the most important days of your life, surely you would want to enjoy it all and soak it all up? Surely you'd want to be able to look out from the alter after kissing your husband and see all your friends and family basking in your radiant happiness? And to do that, you would need perfect 20/20 eye sight.

    With laser eye surgery, a plethora of vision problems can be treated - from long and short sightedness to the natural condition of Presbyopia which can affect those in their middle-ages - giving you no excuse not to get the most from your big day. Many clinics offer free consultations to help you decide whether it is right for you, and these will usually involve:

    • An extensive eye examination by an Optometrist which features a mix of tests you will be familiar with - such as the eye chart vision test - and some that will be new, as well as the forum to ask and be asked questions about the process.
    • You will then have your eyes mapped to give the Optometrist a full understanding of your lenses. This will be more in depth than the previous test and is performed in order to give you the best advice possible.
    • With your eyes fully analysed, the Optometrist will explain which eye surgeries are suitable for you, discussing the advantages of each vision correction treatment and helping choose the best for you. You can ask any further questions that you might want answering and can book in immediately if it suits you.

    Other clinics may also include a patient forecast which will detail the full results of your eye test, break them down into easy to read graphs, and feature impartial feedback from former patients of your age range and prescription who have had the surgery. Many clinics also offer lifetime aftercare for free to give you the best possible results and to make sure your life with perfect vision goes without a hitch - these include follow up appointments, and access to 24/7 aftercare advice phone lines.

    With laser eye surgery offered from as little as Ł395 per eye and priced on a sliding scale depending on the strength of your sight, it's a procedure worth thinking about in order to make your perfect day just that little bit more effortless and enjoyable.

    This article is sponsored by Ultralase Laser Clinic, Ireland.

    Contact Details
    1800 40 20 20

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  • "I set sail without you...

    Friday 7 October 2021 - Photo Inspiration, Engagement Ideas - Tags: engagement, jose-villa, friday-love-on-wol

    engagement shoot on boat

    ...And we were carried on the flood of your tears.
    Time pulls a face when I'm next to you,
    Let's hope the wind changes

    'Cos we'd be stuck in this place
    For an age or two,
    I hope the wind changes,
    And the vacuum in space would draw me to you,
    I hope the wind changes"

    -Bell X1, Next to You
    Photo by Jose Villa

    Have a cosy weekend all. x


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  • Baby Pink Minimal Colour Palette

    Friday 7 October 2021 - Colour Palettes - Tags: pink, colour-palette, elizabeth-messina, stationery, pink-peonies, flowers

    baby pink colour palette wedding
    baby pink weding colour palette

    Pink -a beautiful but unsuspectingly difficult colour to get right at weddings! The trick to pink is not to overdo it, and keep to one simple shade. Blush pink and easy creams create a soft, gentle palette, perfect for a romantic and warm display. Compiled by Karen Birney

    Credits: Skirt image and Veil image by Elizabeth Messina / Cake by Next Exit Photography / Shoes image by Christina Brosnan / Bouquet image, Bride image, Stationery image by Elizabeth Messina / Just Married Candies from / Table image via Elizabeth Anne Designs /

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  • The First Wedding to be Shot Entirely on iPhone4

    Thursday 6 October 2021 - News - Tags: wedding-videos, technology, iphone-wedding

    ipad engagement
    Engagement shoot Photo by West Park Photo

    A little tribute to the man who made technology beautiful for all. Photographer Brian Adams and videographer Rainer Flor shoot Rainer's wedding on a total of three iPhone4s.


    And check out this wedding video shot on an iPhone Super 8 app (one of my fave apps btw!)


    Stephen Fry on Steve Jobs:

    "I have met five British Prime Ministers, two American Presidents, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and the Queen. My hour with Steve Jobs certainly made me more nervous than any of those encounters. I know what you are thinking, but it's the truth. I do believe Jobs to be a truly great figure, one of the small group of innovators who have changed the world. He exists somewhere between showman, perfectionist overseer, visionary, enthusiast and opportunist, and his insistence upon design, detail, finish, quality, ease of use and reliability are a huge part of Apple's success."

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  • Photographer of the Month - October 2011 - Give us a Goo Photography

    Wednesday 5 October 2021 - Supplier Spotlight - Tags: photographer

    give us a goo photography

    "We would like to recommend Phil Voon (Give us a GOO) as a photographer for all styles of weddings. I happened to be a very unorganised and last minute kind of Bride. So Phil’s relaxed nature and adaptability really suited our style. We had a marquee style wedding which you can imagine would benefit from a dry day. We have since been told we had the wettest day for the summer of 2011. Because Phil had scouted the venue prior to the day, he had looked at options for all types of weather and had some clever idea’s to make the most of a very wet day. I had asked for lots of action shots of people socialising and enjoying themselves rather than posed shots. When it came to the bridal party photo’s, we had so much fun taking our photo’s and the smiles and laughter are 100% genuine. I have been to wedding’s where the photography can be a very strenuous and long part of the day, but we had a completely different experience. We have great photo’s that are original and truly capture the quintessence of our day. Phil is great at putting people at ease and whatever type of picture you ask him for he delivered upon. I have had so many people comment on how nice Phil was and how amazing the photo’s are. I would have no doubt recommending him to my friends as a photographer for their special day."

    - M&M, 14th August 2011

    Contact Details
    Email:[email protected]
    Phone: 045 853 683
    Mobile: 086 893 9600




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