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  • Real Wedding USA: Boho Meets Black Tie

    Thursday 13 October 2021 - Real Weddings - Tags: real-wedding, boho-wedding, black-tie-wedding, american-wedding, wedding-inspiration

    When we saw Diana and Josh’s amazing wedding, photographed by W. Scott Chester, we fell head over heels in lust!

    Initially when you think of bohemian and black tie, you think of themes which are at totally opposite ends of the universe. But Diana and Josh perfectly combined these looks together to create a chic but eclectic, warm wedding!

    We especially loved their seating charts - boxes with vintage bowties and scarves with illustrated directions inside. Adorable! We also loved the photobooth they setup inside their vintage VW camper bus - the same VW camper they drove all around California for their honeymoon!


    Lurve this first look picture....


    They even played Casablanca in the background for that extra romantic feel... 


    See W. Scott Chester Photography for more pictures of Diana and Josh's wedding!

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