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Blog entries from September 2009

  • Something Different...but awesome!

    Wednesday 30 September 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: white-wedding, colours

    I think this is so cool. I would never have thought I was one for different colour wedding dresses, but I must say that I really love this, especially with the bridesmaids in white. I suppose it doesn't hurt that it was in Hawaii! From Style Me Pretty.



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  • Hydrangea Addictiion

    Wednesday 23 September 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: hydrangea, flowers

    I loved this wedding the second I saw it, then I realised that it was primarily because of the amazing hydrangeas. Everytime I see the pretty little blooms, I just love them more and get more excited they will be a feature at my wedding. They are so fabulous! Also I love the flower in the hair!

    Images from Style Me Pretty.

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  • Vintage

    Monday 21 September 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: vintage

    This is such a great idea. You can get vintage plates at any antique store , and instantly dress up any table. This would be perfect for the wedding at home. I also love that they don't match (as finding over 100 matching plates could be problematic)...

    Images from the Ritzy Bee Blog.

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  • Sleep Deprived Brides

    Monday 14 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: sleep-deprived, stress

    I have had so much trouble getting a good night sleep lately. And when I am sleeping I am having nightmares about the wedding. It is always something like not being able to find anyone to do my hair on the day, or not being able to find my dress...its horrible. I always wake up so glad it was not real. I found these tips on about sleep, which I thought might be useful.

    Keep a Sleep Log

    It's tough to say exactly how much sleep a person needs. Adults average 7.5 hours of sleep per night, but some need only 5 hours, others 10, to feel refreshed. To determine whether or not you're getting the right amount for you, keep a record of your sleep patterns for a week or two. Each day, write down what time you went to bed, the time you woke up, and how you feel (tired, wide awake, etc.). This will help you recognize how many hours your body actually requires to feel good.

    Stick to a Schedule

    Don't underestimate the importance of keeping your biological clock in sync. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day -- even on weekends and holidays. Making up for lost sleep by "sleeping in" isn't the answer. If you're suffering from a serious sleep deficit, what you really need is to get in eight hours of shut-eye, two nights (at least) in a row.

    Get Moving

    Exercise helps ensure getting a good night's rest. Regular workouts reduce stress and ease tension so sleeping will be easier. It's been proven that the physically fit spend more time in the deepest stages of sleep. Try to get at least 30- to 40-minute's worth of exercise three days a week. Take a brisk walk or hit the gym in the late afternoon -- early-morning exercise won't alleviate the stress you encounter later that day -- but be careful not to schedule workouts too close to bedtime. You don't want exercise to rev you up when you should be winding down.

    Kick the Caffeine Habit

    While a morning cup of joe shouldn't have much of an effect on sleep, caffeine -- even in small amounts -- may keep you awake. Unless you consume so much that your body has developed a tolerance to it, you might want to avoid products containing the stimulant for at least six hours before bedtime. Keep in mind that caffeine can be found in more than just coffee -- it's also in decaf coffee (really!), tea, diet pills, and chocolate. Nicotine is also a stimulant that can keep you awake and disturb sleep patterns, so if you're having a hard time dozing off or find yourself waking up during the night, quit smoking.

    Don't Go to Bed Hungry

    Going to sleep on an empty stomach isn't a good idea -- the hunger pangs will probably wake you up. Instead, try eating a light snack about an hour before turning in. Stick to carbohydrate-rich foods, which are more easily digested, and stay away from anything high in fat. The jury's still out on the folklore remedy, warm milk. But hey, it's worth a try.

    -- The Knot

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  • Rainy Days

    Friday 11 September 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: rainy-days, rain, kiss-the-groom

    Sorry for my life has been crazy lately. We sent our wedding invitations this week. now I am trying to iron out all the details (who knew finding accessories was going to be such a job?) And we are trying to get the next issue of B Magazine out before my wedding...which is several weeks sooner than originally planned. Needless to say things are a bit busy for me. But that's no excuse. I really miss surfing wedding blogs for inspiration. I find it helps not only my wedding, but also the magazine. It keeps things fresh and different. I came across a new photographer that I love, her name is Elizabeth Messina and her blog is Kiss the Groom (could that be in cuter?) I found this collection of photos, which I thought were particularly relevent to us here in Ireland. I think looking at these photos should put our fears about crappy weather on our wedding days to rest. Because, lets face it... in Ireland, chances are pretty good that it will rain. But who cares?



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  • Wedding in Mexico

    Friday 4 September 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: wedding-in-mexico

     Found this on Style me Pretty, and love it! It is by the Oh How Charming! one of the best event planners I have ever seen.

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  • The Speech

    Tuesday 1 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: speech

    My fiance is best man at his brothers wedding this weekend, which means he is going to get a good trial run for our wedding! I was in touch with public speaking coach Brenda Harte of Harte to Heart, who has given some great tips for delivering a speech-which I thought I should pass on for either your bridal speech or for your H2B's speech.

    For the groom speech:

    If the bride is not giving a speech .. then he'll start with "My wife and I ...  If he has been introduced by an MC .. then he will thank him.Your fiancÚ will thank just about everyone!    He does not want to sound like he's giving an Oscar winning speech! To avoid this - he should try to lighten his thanks with a spot of humour.He'll thank his new father-in-law for his kind words and both your parents for the fine job they did in bringing you  up. The guests should be thanked for their generous gifts and indeed for coming (especially if they have travelled far)

    He will ...

    (iv)  Talk about when you both first met .. who made the first move?   Who proposed to whom?

    (v)   Add in any humourous stories about your life together so far.   Devote a large part of the speech to you, his new wife  (especially if you're not going to speak yourself).    He might tell you how he feels about you and what you mean to him. 

    (vi)   .. now turn to the Best Man and thank him for accepting the role (and also if he is the MC) and maybe tell the guests that you are dreading what he is going to say!?

    (vii)  He should offer a toast to you .. .. a very touching moment!

    (viii)  Finally, he should thank the bridesmaids on behalf of you both and propose a toast to them.

    It is really heartwarming to hear "My wife and I "  .. or "on behalf of Mrs. (married name) and I"   .. All lovely and romantic!

    For the best man speech:

    He should have the points he wants to make written on cue cards - say about 6/7.  However, since the Wedding is so close, he will most likely need more cue cards.  Hopefully no more than ten.

    Avoid any remarks/jokes that might offend anyone (Granny or Granddad)?Furthermore, by all means play for laughs - but spare the Groom's feelings! 

    Remember the Best Man is speaking on behalf of the rest of the wedding assistants - Bridesmaids, Ushers,               Page Boy/s, Flower Girl/s etc.

    He should cover the following points:

    • Thank the MC - unless he himself is MC.
    • Thank the Groom (his brother) for his kind words and for the honour of being the Best Man.  
    •    "     the wedding assistants (Bridesmaids, Page Boy/s etc.)
    •  Traditionally, the wedding couple give gifts to the wedding assistants.   On behalf of them and yourself, thankl the wedding couple for these gifts ... maybe make a joke that these gifts will not act as a bribe and stop you from making fun of the groom.
    • Tell a couple of funny stories about his brother, the Groom.  The fact that they grew up together should spark off lots of memories. The Best Man could even run a brief chronological curriculum vitae on Mark.
    • If the Best Man has anything humourous about the Bride .. include this.
    • Read out any emails etc.
    • Give your brother and his new wife your best wishes for their future together.
    • Conclude by announcing the cutting of the cake and ask the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the new couple  Mr. & Mrs.  (give names) ?  

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