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Blog entries from October 2009

  • Here it is!

    Friday 16 October 2021 - Advice - Tags: None

    In 20 minutes, I will leave the office for the last time as a single lady. I am torn between feeling like this has been the slowest six months of my life and feeling like the time hardly existed. It seems like yesterday we were picking out invitations and deciding who should be in the bridal party, but now its crunch time. It's here. This thing that has made up my dreams and nightmares for the last 120 days, this event that has my sisters not speaking to each other and my fianc� obsessively checking the bank account every 5 hours, this one day that is supposed to take its place as one of the best of my life... It's hard not to feel pressure...I have to have fun, I have to be beautiful and I have "to enjoy myself." With requirements like these, how on earth am I supposed to mentally prepare myself?

    Last night my fianc� and I went to Dunnes to get some wedding supplies, we came home made a bowl of ice cream and watched 5 episodes of Come Dine with Me (in a row)...a pretty typical night. I loved it. It occurred to me that this is what I am looking forward to most. Having someone to cook for (or in my case, cook for me), watching endless TV marathons, taking walks, Saturday brunch and just plain... regular life.

    I love him, he loves me and that's it! We are getting Saturday.

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  • Etsy Goodness

    Thursday 1 October 2021 - Stationery - Tags: etsy, baroque, demask

    Etsy has become more of a resource for my wedding then I ever thought it would be. I have found some real gems...


    Guest book From


    Ring bearer pillow from


    Flower for my hair from Petal Products


    In case you didn't notice...I like the damask pattern.

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