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Blog entries from March 2011

  • The Summer Venue

    Thursday 31 March 2022 - Decor Inspiration - Tags: outdoors-wedding, summer-wedding, beaufield-mews

    Long days, beautiful blooms and maybe even some sun! Julie Cox, Managing Director of Dublin’s premier summer wedding venue, Beaufield Mews Restaurant, Gardens & Antiques, gives her top tips for the perfect summer wedding.

    summer wedding

    Photos by Leo Patrone Photography

    “For the perfect summer wedding make the most of any outdoor areas and make sure the venue has plenty of garden furniture as well as it looking pretty. There is no point in having a wonderful garden if the guests are uncomfortable standing in their high heels!” Julie Cox, Beaufield Mews Restaurant, Gardens.

    summer venue

    “Some nice light music in the garden on arrival can make everyone immediately relax. Offer Pink Champagne or Pink Prosecco and add some fruit to the glass like blueberries for an extra special touch,” Julie says.

    summer wedding decor

    “Draught mini shots of Guinness are a great touch. It is literally a shot of Guinness, but it is fun and it is a new twist on the black velvet cocktail, when served alongside a glass of Champagne. We have fabulous miniature pint glasses that we serve them in.”

    Planning a summer wedding outdoors in Ireland can be risky to say the least, but when you have experienced and professional people like Julie Cox fromBeaufield Mews Restaurant, Gardens & Antiques on your side, there is no fear. You can be sure that there is a Plan A, Plan B and probably a Plan D for making sure your wedding fabulous from start to finish, come rain or shine.

    Planning a fabulous summer wedding is in the details according to Managing Director of Beaufield Mews, Julie Cox. Guests will remember your event if it offers them something different, something they may not have experienced at a wedding before. A great way to put that something special into your wedding is through unique menu options, like a picnic wedding!

    “We have dishes like a pig on a spit and our very popular Le Pique Nique menu option where guests are handed a wicker basket, red chequered napkins, picnic blanket and they find a space on a bale of hay to enjoy a lovely range of goodies including strawberries dipped in chocolate and homemade shortbread, a selection of Irish cheeses with homemade chutneys, mini terrines along with filo parcels of spinach and feta cheese, all whilst sipping some dressed pimms!”

    Assuming summer is hot (and I know that’s a big assumption) a big meal might not be what your guests want; something light and fresh would fit the bill better. Beaufield Mews offers Mini Feast Menus, which are like the Irish version of Tapas, where you get several traditional dishes with seasonal produce in smaller portions.

    “The emphasis is on fun and informality with no set table plan, no set starter and definitely no ‘meat and 2 veg’! Waiters roam the garden with trays ofcanaps consisting of things like deep fried cigars with parma ham and smoked mozzarella, oriental chicken satay bites, mini tartlets of goat’s cheese and red onion, mini Seafood roulade justto name but a few. At Beaufield Mews we are committed to using local, in season produce wherever possible,” Julie says.

    Weather can be the summer weddings best friend one second and worst enemy the next. Julie says you have to plan around the weather, don’t assume you will have horrible weather, and definitely don’t assume you will have great weather. Plan for both and then either way you will be prepared and happy. Beaufield Mews holds outdoor blessings and weddings under a light canopy so that even if it does rain, you can enjoy the great outdoors and stunning garden, without panicking.

    Contact Beaufield Mews:


    This article appeared in the Summer 2010 edition of B Magazine


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  • Top Wedding Trends for 2011

    Tuesday 29 March 2022 - Decor Inspiration - Tags: centrepieces, wedding-food, colourful-bridal-shoes, unique-venues, dessert-tables, wedding-decor, decor, 2011-weddings, wedding-trends

    The wedding of 2011 should be infused with personality, beautiful details and enough style to keep the guests talking long after the wedding day.  The brides getting married this year should use as much imagination as they can muster to plan an event that's full of unique touches and style. Here are some inspiring trends to watch out for!

    Irish wedding blog











    Comfort Food

    Whether it’s because of tightened purse strings, a rejection of the health craze or just something different, 2011 is about good old fashioned comfort food. And if we are all honest, biting into juicy burger is just as good as lobster voulevant ! It is no longer necessary to try and wow guests with gourmet delicacies; a simple burger will be just as acceptable. Make your comfort food extra chic with sliders, chips wrapped in mini-newspapers or a pig on a spit. 

    Irish wedding blog

    Colourful Shoes

    The last thing you expect with a pristine wedding gown is a pair of orange stilettos...but it works, and it is definitely in for 2011! So add chic style to a simple or classic look by getting yourself a killer pair of bright heels.

    Irish wedding blog

    Chinese Lanterns

    These lovely lanterns instantly spruce up a bland venue and bring bucket loads of ambiance to an event. You can find different colours to add a bit of flair or plain white ones to get a stylish, clean look. Hang them from the ceiling or along the wall to add dimension to a room, or hang them over a dance floor to get a great atmosphere! 

    Photo by 

    Signature Cocktail

    Add some glamour to a champagne or drinks reception by serving specialty cocktails. These could be named after the bride and groom, include some of your favourite flavours or reflect the season. If budget is an issue, try a large bowl of wedding punch with fresh fruit slices.

    Letterpress Stationery

    Letterpress wedding stationery is hugely popular in the US and is quickly becoming the next big thing for Irish weddings. It ticks all the boxes in stationery trends. The cotton paper is handfed through a vintage press onto soft pillow paper. Merging old world printing techniques with creative design, Letterpress stationery can be completely customised to compliment any wedding style.



    Irish Wedding blog

    Dessert Tables

    Say hello to the trend revolutionising wedding confectionery. Instead of serving a traditional dessert, you can have a whole table full of treats, sweets and pastries on vintage plates, cake stands and serving dishes. Not only does it act as a decorative focal point for your reception, it tastes amazing as well!

    Table by One Girl Cookies


    Fruit Centrepieces

    Fruit centrepieces are unique, stylish, and cheap.  Apples, cranberries, pumpkins, oranges and blueberries will give a table a splash of colour and work particularly for autumn and Christmas weddings.



    Personalisation is the key to making your wedding stand out. Find ways to infuse personality and taste into your big day. Cover your bouquet stems with your grandmother’s vintage broach on the outside or get a locket and put pictures of your lovely H2B inside. The possibilities are endless!


    Statement Jewellery

    We all know accessories are important, but for 2010, they are a necessity! Think bold, think vintage and think shock value...and you’ll be on the right track.

    Irish wedding blog

    Necklace by Vera Wang

    Unique Venues

    Ever since the Civil Registration Act in 2004, alternative venues have taken centre stage. Whether you say ‘I do’ at Dublin Zoo, Croke Park or at a stately country house, finding a unique venue is the ultimate quest for couples.

     Irish wedding blog 

    Photo from the Dublin Zoo


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  • Fashion: 12 of the Best Day After Dresses for the Spring Bride

    Friday 18 March 2022 - Fashion - Tags: day-after-the-wedding-dresses, honeymoon-dresses, high-street-dresses, shoes, summer-dresses, wedding-guest-style

    day after wedding dresses
    1. River Island, 49.99, 2. House of Fraser, €265

    I saw some girls chatting on the forums about what they were going to wear the day after the wedding. The day after is a really exciting day for many brides as it's the day when they know any wedding stress will be gone, and they can spend quality time with their guests...and with their hubby! The day after the wedding you want something fresh, comfortable and fabulous, and something that makes you feel like a new woman!

    Check out these 12 dresses we've chosen for the day after -they're all super stylish in their own way, and my favourite thing about them is they will flatter ANY figure. I know a lot of stylists say this but these dresses really will!

    spring dresses
    3. M&S, 65 4. Monsoon, 75

    dresses spring 2011 
    5. Next, €37 6. M&S, 35
    7. M&Co, 65 8. Love Miss Daisy Vintage

    spring dresses

    9. Debenhams, 98 10. Monsoon, 65

    bride dress
    11. M&S, 65 12. Monsoon, 180


    And some shoes, cause you have to make a statement, orange heels from Red Herring at Debenhams, floral peeptoes from New Look.

    So, what are you wearing the day after your wedding day????


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  • Real Wedding: New York City by Corin Bishop

    Wednesday 16 March 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: new-york-wedding, vintage-wedding, gorgeous-real-wedding, corin-bishop-photography

    I don't really want to say too much about this wedding, shot by Corin Bishop, cause really the photos speak a million words. The couple are Jeanita and Conor, and the wedding was in Central Park -no friends, no family, just the two of them. (They were having a big party back home) I just think it's such a wonderful idea, and it worked for them so well, you can just sense how relaxed, content, excited and in the moment the two are in these images.

    corin bishop new york wedding

    Corin: "It turned out it was just going to be Jeanita and Conor in NY. No family or friends (that’s what the party back home was for!). The wedding was to be in Central Park. Very relaxed but very intimate and personal. They were really into getting nice photo’s. They we’re up for pretty much anything and wanted to make the most of the opportunity. My head was buzzing with three billion ideas and after meeting I realised how much we were all thinking along the same lines. I also needed to be realistic and remember it’s not all about getting cool images. It’s about documenting their day, recording this moment in their life that means so much to them. Some balance was needed...

    new york wedding
    real city wedding
    corin bishop
    new york bride
    corin bishop wedding
    central park wedding

    "We got to Central Park with gorgeous colours, fab light and the temperature was perfect! At this point I didn’t want to interfere too much. I gave basic tips to Jeanita and Conor and set them off. I didn’t want to make everything too posed!"

    central park wedding
    central park bride

    And my favourite photo! (-Ed)

    grand central station

    You HAVE TO go to Corin's blog to see the rest of these shots, this is just a tiny snippet and it was so difficult to edit them down! His slideshow is here

    And here's Corin's site address,

    You can contact him on: [email protected] or ring +353 (0)90 6444 657 and tell him you saw his AMAZING shots on the WOL blog of course!

    real wedding irelandgartersphotobooth ideas

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  • Photo Shoot: B Magazine does Country Charm

    Friday 11 March 2022 - Photoshoots, Fashion - Tags: vintage-wedding-style, tamam-michael, clanard-court-hotel, we-are-the-mastersons, bridal-inspiration, photoshoot

    Rustic chalkboards, patchwork cloths and picnic baskets in hand, this spring we visited the beautiful Clanard Court Hotel and created a warm wedding scene, perfect for a charming country couple! Photography by We are the Mastersons

    country vintage wedding

    We would love to say a big thank you to everyone who helped in creating our ‘Country Charm’ photo shoot in the beautiful Clanard Court Hotel, Co. Kildare. We had a great team who all came together so well to make the shoot a huge success.

    b magazinewe are the mastersonsb magazine irelandb magazine
    country style wedding
    wedding photography ireland
    clanard court hotel
    clanard court hotel
    we are the mastersons

    Photography: We are the Mastersons,

    Venue: Clanard Court Hotel,

    Styling: Rachel Sandall & Karen Birney

    Dresses: Tamem Michael,

    Flowers: The French Touch,

    Accessories: Jenny Vander

    Cake: Cakebox,

    Hair: Tricia O’Sullivan, Munster Mobile Hair and Beauty,

    Make-up:  Dawn Ryan, Glamour by Dawn,

    Invitations: The Paper Salon,

    Bunting: Ragged Home,

    Model: Fiona at Compton

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  • Fashion: McQueen 2011 Bridal at Paris Fashion Week

    Thursday 10 March 2022 - Fashion - Tags: paris-fashion-week-2011, alexander-mcqueen, bridal-runway, high-couture, ruffles

    alexander mcqueen 2011 bridal

    With the commotion surrounding the Royal Wedding this year, all eyes were on Alexander McQueen's Bridal offering at Paris Fashion Week. Sarah Burton has taken the reigns of the avant-garde label since Lee McQueen's premature passing, and is evidently sharing a smile and a nod with the gifted designer by continueing the mad hatter type looks that united him with fame monster Lady Gaga, so well. The hard, asylum-esque theme was fiercely apparent in every costume that steamed down the runway, but was balanced with a soft, fuzzy edge in fur and billowing organza (perhaps an indication into the style Kate Middleton may be going for?). Clearly these looks aren't for every bride (or, correct me if I'm wrong, any bride?), but we are certain to see these 'heritage' silhouettes, contrasting textures and fabrics, and hardline details making their way to universal bridal wear. And in terms of those contemporarily stylish Royals, all I can say is 'watch this space'.

    mcqueen bridal 2011

    mcqueen bridal

    paris fashion week bridal

    bridal fashion 2011

    wedding dresses 2011 designer
    First image via Zimbio.comOther images via

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  • Wedding Inspiration from the Oscars!

    Wednesday 2 March 2022 - Fashion - Tags: celebrity, wedding-inspiration, high-couture, bridesmaid-dresses, colour-inspiration, bridal-runway

    Ahh! So Award Season has officially come to an end, and men and women all over the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief (and let their bellies out). Sigh. I have to start by letting you all know, however, that I was not one of the ones glued to twitter and my TV screen this year, in the hope of spotting a designer before the next fashionista, I instead decided to sit back and let the wave of beautiful people wash over me while I sat in PJs drinking red wine and eating bread. The super stylish world of a magazine editor there ladies and gents. Anywho, I decided to jot up a little piece on all the sartorial goings on on Sunday night, and how they will translate into weddings the world over this year -a flashcard for the bridal-trend curious if you will.

    Finally! Just to note that there are some very prominant members of the EL AY fashion society not present here, this is either a) They wore nothing worth noting or, b) they wore something I didn't like, and unlike most eds I don't believe in doing the 'who got it right/who got it wrong' saga, as it often comes back to bite you on the behind.

    Here's how I see trends translating into bridal style. As it does every year. What were your fave looks of the night?

    The Bridemaids:

    oscar dresses bridal
    Mila Kunis in Elie Saab: Nathalie Portman in Rodarte

    Translate the look:

    purple dress

    Left to right:, M&S Online Bridesmaid collection,

    The guests:

    oscars dresses
    Gweneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein, Cate Blanchett in Givenchy, Mandy Moore in Monique Lhullier

    Translate the look:

    silver dress

    Left to right: Lipsy, Autograph at M&S, Monsoon

    The Bride (shapes to steal):

    oscar dresses

    Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang, Anne Hathaway in Valintino


    oscar inspired bridal dresses

    Left to right: Vera Wang Spring 2011, Reem Acra Spring 2011

    The Showstopper:

    oscar dressesHalle Berry in Marchesa, Hilary Swank in Gucci


    bridal trends 2011

    Left to right: Pronovias 2011, Pronovias 2011, Marchesa

    Oscar images via

    bridal underwearguest fashion wedding autumnreal wedding blog

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  • Stunning Real Bride Alert!

    Wednesday 2 March 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: real-wedding, black-and-white-wedding, monochrome, middleton-park-house

    Andy & Kelly

    A classic wedding was made memorable by emotional speeches, surprise videos, a beautiful setting and a ceremony celebrated by the bride’s father.

    Our wedding theme/colours...

    We were really unsure about what theme or colours we were going to use but we knew we wanted it to be formal and classy. We found a bridal bar in Blackrock and they showed us a pattern which was very bold black and white baroque and we both loved it. Our bridesmaids’ dresses were black and the groom and groomsmen wore black evening suits. Our table cloths were black with baroque runners. We filled the ceremony room with black and white candles. We were a little unsure of using so much black throughout but it looked amazing and so classy. To break the black we had lime rose and white lilies for the wedding party and Andrew and I had lime orchids and white lilies. For our wedding favours we had lime and white boxes, which we filled with chocolates, tied with personalised ribbons which said and had a quote from our favourite verse which we had printed on our wedding invites and our order of service; ‘ I have found the one whom my soul loves’.

    middleton park house weddingblack white and lime wedding
    middleton park weddingblack white and green wedding
    real wedding

    We chose our venue because....

    We knew we didn’t want to get married in a hotel, we looked at a few and they were beautiful but we wanted something a little different. We looked at manor houses throughout Ireland. The reason we chose Middleton Park House was for the ‘wow factor’ when you arrive, which is the amazing main staircase in the foyer. Mainly we chose it for the room we held our wedding ceremony in. It was a long narrow room with vaulted ceilings, it looked fantastic on the day filled with candles, and it made the ceremony so personal.

    My dress...

    I loved my wedding dress! Since we were going with black and white I chose my bridesmaids dresses before I bought mine. The bridesmaids dresses were 50s style and so I wanted to keep with that theme for my dress. My dress was lace from the top down and was a fish tail style it had a ribbon which went from the bodice up and around my neck. I loved my shoes and out photographer got some amazing photos of them too!

    Our ceremony...

    Our ceremony was very personal. A close member of our family took the first part of the ceremony and my father actually married us which was amazing! Both my brothers played guitar for the ceremony and my maid of honour and my eldest brother, who are both fantastic singers, sang a beautiful version of Bob Dylan’s song ‘To make you feel my love’. Andrew and I both wrote our own vows which was nerve wracking but so great and made it all very emotional. There was not a dry eye in the room by the time we both finished our vows.

    My favourite part of the wedding day...

    Kelly: Although the whole day was fantastic there are a few moments that stand out. The first was having our eight month old daughter there as our flower girl, it was so amazing and that she could be part of our day. Also having my father marry us was amazing and I was so proud. The wedding dinner was so much fun along with the speeches! Both our parents announced at the speeches that they had prepared a surprise for us. So after the meal we all headed into the drawing room where they had a large screen set up and played a 20 minute movie showing photographs and videos of Andrew and me throughout our childhood. It was amazing and such a nice surprise.

    Andy: I loved the whole day even though it really flew in though my favourite part has to be when Kelly was walking down the aisle. I had been fine all morning, not at all nervous until I had to walk up and stand in front of everyone and the music started. I was so nervous at that point and it just got worse and worse getting closer to Kelly arriving. It was so emotional and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through it but when I saw Kelly I was just so much in awe at how amazing she looked and so proud to be standing there. I will never forget that feeling or that moment in my life.

    My advice for other brides...

    If anyone offers their services to help in any way take it! And really enjoy the day as it goes so fast.

    Flowers: Sheefin Flowers

    Hair: Nathalie Gleeson

    Make-up: Nicole McEvoy

    Linens & candelabras:

    DJ: Sam Stott.

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