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Blog entries from August 2011

  • Photobooths

    Wednesday 31 August 2022 - Decor Inspiration - Tags: ideas, diy, photobooth, pictures, guests, entertainment

    Wollies, you asked for some photobooth ideas on the WeddingsOnline Forums, so here they are!


    Photos from clockwise: Carson Hall, Elizabeth Messina, Lisa O'Dwyer, DIY Photobooth at Ruffled Blog, Etsy The Art of Chic, Jenny Jimenez.

    Jose Villa, Gia Canali W Scott Chester, Gia Canali, Hickeys, Jose Villa.


    Focus, Kevin Morris, Martha Stewart, Focus, Charley Star.



    Kaboodle, Etsy Rainy Day Story, Specsavers, Jenny Jimenez, Etsy Judy Megia, Second-hand shops.

    Hire a photobooth for your wedding, see the WeddingsOnline Suppliers Directory.

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  • A Note from Little Old Us

    Tuesday 30 August 2022 - News - Tags: magazine, b, b-magazine, final-issue

    b wedding magazine ireland
    Hey ladies!

    A bit of sad/happy news from us at WeddingsOnline/B Magazine (depending if you’re a glass half-full or half-empty type). The autumn edition of B Magazine is the last edition that WeddingsOnline will print (all together now -Awh!). At the moment, we really want to concentrate all our efforts into making WeddingsOnline a beautiful, content-heavy, ber wedding trend setting site, and to do that we need the magnificent talents and oh-so-precious time of the B Magazine editorial team (yes, I am part of that modest team so maybe just a tad biased. Ha.*)

    We would just like to take the chance to thank you guys for making our print journey such a fun and fabulous one. Your support is always so appreciated by all of us, and we felt blessed every day that B Magazine got to be involved in your lives four times a year. But now we want to be involved in it EVERY DAY (ahhhhh!). We are planning some great features for the site, so there’ll be even more real weddings, beauty features, celeb wedding news, reviews, galleries etc for you to browse, so stay tuned to WeddingsOnline.

    WeddingsOnline/B Magazine team (*and Karen, Ed!)

    Ps If you are currently subscribed to B Magazine, Charlene from our shop will be in touch with you this week.

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  • Monochrome Kardashian Style

    Monday 29 August 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: colour-theme, black-and-white-theme, kardashian-wedding, decor

    Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians know how to throw a good party, and Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding to Basketball player Kris Humphries was no different!

     Kim (30) and Kris (26) were married on a private estate in Southern California in front 450 friends and family. Their theme was Old Hollywood Glamour, which included a black and white dress code, dcor, invitations, place settings, a multi-tiered wedding cake, etc. etc.

     Kim wore a strapless ivory Vera Wang gown with a fitted bodice, a full tulle skirt and a long train. The bride also wore a veil that featured a bejeweled headpiece and carried a bouquet of white roses.

     The wedding was filmed as a two-part special called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” to be broadcast in October on E! television.


    1. Rangoli 2. Photos from E! Online 3. E! Online 4. A Piece of Cake 5. E! Online 6. Autumn Art on Etsy 7. 8. Bon Prix 9. Monique Lhuillier 10. A Piece of Cake 11. 12. E! Online

    MonochromeMonochrome Wedding

    13.Paris Glamour 14. The WeddingsOnline Shop 15. Creed 16. The Maryborough Hotel 17. The White Room 18. Peaches and Cream 19. Matalan 20. Martha Stewart Weddings 21. Vera Wang 22. Dune 23. Kevin Morris Photography

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  • Fran Byrne Photography - Photographer of the Month - September 2011

    Sunday 28 August 2022 - Supplier Spotlight - Tags: fran-byrne-photography, photographer-of-the-month

    fran byrne

    When you book Fran Byrne Photography you get a mixture of traditional and contemporary, stylish and fun photography on one of the best days of your life. Fran can provide you with a variety of high quality albums with a range of packages to suit all budgets so call today for a chat or visit

    Special Offer: 2 free parents albums with every album package booked - book before October 31st to avail of this offer.

    "We cannot thank Fran enough for our wedding photos - they are perfect...If anyone else out there is looking for a wedding photographer, look no further..." -Submitted by Alan & Ethna

    Mail: [email protected]
    Mobile: 087 6785261

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  • Wedding Perfume

    Thursday 25 August 2022 - Beauty - Tags: sense-memory, chanel-perfume-ireland, vera-wang-perfume, mady-million, marc-jacobs-lola, wedding-perfume

    By Karen Birney

    wedding perfume image
    Photo by Rubistyle Photography

    "Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel" -Oliver Wendall Holmes

    We spend so much time investing in memories. Sight is the most obvious way in which we evoke memories of the past; it's why we take photos of nights out with the girls, the little one on his first day of school, a Sunday dinner with the parents or himself sleeping peacefully beside you. But what of our other senses? Touch...Taste....Sound....Smell.... Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers you possess, possibly even stronger than sight. A familiar smell can stop us in our tracks, and eyes closed, time paused, a moment is presented to us, vividly, intensely -we are submerged in our memories, tasting the air, saturated by emotion.

    "Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed" -Coco Chanel

    You want to remember everything about your wedding day, it is a moment in your life that you have put much effort into making a glorious memory. You have the dazzling dress, the shoes and the decor all set, and the photographer in place to record anything your mind attempts to eventually alter or file away. Your own personal diary will be your sense of smell, and that’s why your perfume on your wedding day is important. Here's some of our favourite fragrances for the bride.

    wedding perfume classic
    Clockwise from top left: Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier; Coco Mademoiselle; Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan; Flora by Gucci; Vera Wang Anniversary; Chance, Chanel.

    TIP! If you can afford to, buy the shower gel and body lotion of your chosen scent, and use it the night before/morning of your wedding. Your scent will cling to it and last all day (and night).

    wedding perfume bride
    Clockwise from top left: 212 Sexy, Carolina Herrera; Gucci Guilty; Paco Robanne Lady Million; Aura by Swarovski; Midnight Poison, Dior.

    Tip! Try to hold off buying your perfume until a day or two before the wedding. That way you won't be tempted to wear it before and it will be brand new on the day.

    wedding perfum floral
    Clockwise from tip left: Miss Dior Cherie; Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs; YSL Saharienne; Flowers by Kenzo; Marry Me! by Lanvin; Flowerbomb, Viktor & Rolf.

    So ladies, what perfume will you wear on your wedding day? Share your scent by leaving us a comment below!


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  • Crest Whitening Strips

    Thursday 25 August 2022 - Beauty - Tags: bridal-beauty, teeth-whitening, whitening-strips, crest-whitening-strips

    cheryl cole teeth whitening
    By Karen Birney

    I will have to start this blog post off by stating that I AM NOT A DENTIST, but you would probably have figured that out as you read on anyway. As I type I am slowly gathering saliva in my lower jaw, tilting my head back to usher said saliva to the back of my throat and down my neck in a whale-like fashion. It is my fourth day using Crest Whitening Strips, and I don’t mind looking like a British character in a Family Guy cutaway because my whitening strips are working.

    Back story: I wanted to get my teeth whitened professionally a few months ago however a) I needed to have a few teeth filled before they would do it, and I couldn’t afford to get them done and b) At 200 squid I couldn’t afford to get them whitened anyway, which I suppose cancels out the first reason. However when I met a visibly brighter friend of mine for a few drinks the other night, she divulged her little strip secret to me, and I wanted in.

    I had heard some not-so-sexy stories about whitening strips damaging the enamel of your teeth, and as I don’t possess the strongest lower incisors in the world, for the first two days I just used the strips on my upper teeth, leaving the strip on for 30 minutes. After two days my teeth were noticeably whiter and unlike some reviews I have read, I didn't suffer any sensitivity. Himself told me to take it easy on them as I have pretty much white teeth naturally, and he didn’t want me looking like Cheryl Cole (yea, like that would be a death sentence).

    So that's my story. Crest Strips: High Five from WOL. From the forums it seems like most of the girls purchase theirs for about €30 from and word is they deliver quite quickly. For hints and tips on how to use them, there are no better lassies than the Wollies themselves (you are a knowledgable lot aren't you?) so here’s a few links to see what they have to say.

    Happy whitening ya’ll!

    Crest Whitening Strip query:

    What to use while using CWS?:

    CWS: When to start using?:

    CWS: Use when pregnant?

    Tips! Whitening strips can cause sensitivity. Don’t brush teeth before using. After use, smear teeth with Sensodyne to suppress sensitivity. Do not use on veneers or fillings. Please consult your dentist before use, the last thing I need is them chasing after me *hears sound of drilling in mind*.

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  • Emma & Nico in County Arms, Offaly, by Rubistyle Photography

    Thursday 25 August 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: real-wedding, county-arms-hotel, offaly-venue, rubistyle-photography

    I was in touch with the marvellous Amy French of Rubistyle Photography a few weeks ago, looking for some help with an article we were writing for B Magazine. When she sent me what I needed she also included in the mail a link to a wedding she had shot just days before. And when we saw it we knew we had to share it with you.

    Emma and Nico were married in the County Arms Hotel, Birr, Co. Offaly on August 4th, and are CURRENTLY over in Zambia for their SECOND wedding -lucky lucky lucky guys having two weddings ay?

    We loved this wedding not only because Emma looks amazing, her dress is gorge and the flowers are beautiful (obvs) but because the photos really show the closeness and love between Emma and Nico... It's almost palpable!

    Anyway, enough from us...

    wedding offaly
    wedding make-up offaly
    wedding make up artist
    wedding photographer birr
    wedding dress ireland offaly
    wedding ireland birr
    emma nico

    Emma's gorgeous headpiece was by independent vintage Irish designers Bonzie Crotty, who are based in Waterford City.

    county arms birr offaly
    offaly wedding
    wedding photographer offaly
    wedding flowers offaly
    civil ceremony venue offaly
    wedding flowers
    wedding offaly
    offaly wedding
    rubistyle photography
    ceremony civile leinster
    outdoor venue
    wedding cupcakes offaly
    wedding hairpiece veil
    wedding cake offaly cake topper
    wedding offaly
    purple and white wedding
    first dance picture 


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  • Autumn Inspiration

    Wednesday 24 August 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: autumn-weddings, autumn-colour-theme, wedding-guest-style, october-weddings

    AutumnAutumnAutumn WeddingAutumn WeddingAutumn  Wedding

    1. Johannes Photography 2. Sparklers 4. Pronovias 5.Celine Jumpsuit Brown Thomas 6.Pumkin Decor 7. 20th Century Foxy 8. Burberry 9. Etsy 10.Decor 11. Bing Cherry Mojitos (See recipe here) 12.Smashbox 13. BHLDN 14. Prada 15. Feather and Ink Stationery 16. Decor 17. Sunflower Designs 18.Yves Saint Laurent 19. Christina Brosnan Photography 20. Weddings Online Cake Topper 21. Shopbop 22. Styling by Pearl and Godiva Photography by Shane O'Neill Aspect 23. Decor 24. Nine West 25. Tiffany and Co.

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  • Sharon & David at Hayfield Manor by Moat Hill Photography

    Wednesday 24 August 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: etsy, vintage-wedding-style, real-wedding, hayfield-manor, moat-hill-photography

    We already know what you're thinking. The dress? Yea, thought so. We love it too. Sharon bought this stunning number from Vintage Opulance, a beautiful little boutique of handmade treasures on, and made some changes to it. "The dress originally had a slip style top which really didn’t suit my shape," said Sharon, "so I found Susan at The Sew Zone who modified the top of it to suit me better and give it a bit more of a bridal feel!"

    Now that we've addressed that. Enjoy the photos. By the incredible Paul from Moat Hill Photography, |

    moat hill photography
    wedding fabric flowers
    hayfield manor
    wedding venue cork

    The bespoke 5* Hayfield Manor was a perfect location for Sharon and David's intimate gathering. The small luxury hotel is located in the centre of Cork, and yes, it is as beautiful as it looks in the photos!

    wedding cork
    vintage wedding dress ireland
    wedding music ceremony
    civil ceremony venue cork
    hayfield cork
    kg shoes wedding
    wedding cork

    Sharon's flowers were from Bragging Bags on She wore Kurt Geiger shoes, and David wore a waistcoat from Brightwall on 

    wedding photographer cork
    wedding cork
    wedding irelad
    wedding photographer cork ireland
    wedding venue cork
    vintage wedding
    bride diy wedding bottles

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  • Sheena & Dave at Coolbawn Quay, by Dave McClelland

    Tuesday 23 August 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: coolbawn-quay, real-wedding, wedding-veil

    Wedding Date: 4th June 2011
    Wedding location: Coolbawn Quay
    Photographer: David McClelland,

    We met...We kind of knew each other when we were teenagers but I guess you would say that we met properly five years ago. Dave was playing a match down in the rugby club and I went with a friend to watch. After the match Dave and I recognised each other and got chatting. He denies it but he then chased me for a couple of months before I eventually succumbed to his charms and went out with him on a date. I was pretty much hooked after that.

    First impressions...I thought "I know him, he's that crazy guy", and he thought "I know her, she's that messer kid".

    Our proposal...It happened last August when we were island-hopping in Belize. We were lying out under the stars on a rickety old dock one evening, waves were lapping and dodgy reggae music drifted over to us from the beach-front bars. Dave caught me utterly by surprise and popped the question, I didn't believe he was serious until he produced a $50 ring he had bought from a stall a few days previously. I said yes of course but only when I realised that he wasn't joking!

    wedding veil myrtle ivory
    groom suit
    wedding bouquet brooch
    wedding morning of
    claire pettibone dress real bride

    My dress...From the start I knew I wanted something vintage, romantic, bohemian and unique. I only went to one bridal boutique, Myrtle Ivory, and "Yolanda" by Claire Pettibone was the second dress I tried on. The bridal cap was also from Myrtle Ivory and finished the look off perfectly. The look was part Mucha's ladies, part Great Gatsby and I loved it.

    coolbawn quay
    handmade wedding sign directions
    wedding ceremony chairs
    grooms socks
    mass booklets wedding diy
    wedding church tipperary

    Our ceremony...We were married in Terryglass Church, Co Tipperary. It was important to us both that we made the ceremony personal, we found we could do this through the decor and music. I walked up the aisle to a piano score of Elbow's "One Day Like This", and our very talented friend Louise of Wave Acoustic Duo was fabulous singing songs like Eva Cassidy's "At Last", Florence and the Machine's "You've Got the Love", Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun". We tied pink and blue gingham ribbons to the pew ends and our stunning bouquets and flower arrangements were by Stephanie at The French Touch.

    diy wedding booklets
    wedding car
    wedding tipperary
    wedding diy straws
    wedding drinks setup
    coolbawn quay
    wedding party tipp
    wedding photographer tipperary
    wedding bouquet green peach
    wedding swing photo

    Our wedding theme/colours...I guess retrospectively you would call our wedding Vintage DIY but that wasn't a conscious decision. We absolutely didn't want to be penned in with a strict theme but rather set out to create a day that would reflect our personalities and taste. We wanted to have a day full of colour, creativity and most of all fun. We filled our day with little details that made it our own mostly the wedding stationary and decor styling. We put our stamp on everything: the hand-painted entrance sign; the bunting and pom-poms; the origami curtain; the retro sweets on the tables; the little fireman groom and blonde bride cake topper; the sunglasses for the bridal party; the groomsmen's silly socks; the photo booth; the place-settings, table-names, the mass booklets; the dessert buffet table... the list goes on and on but these details added so much to our day.

    marquee rental ireland
    diy wedding ireland
    wedding candy
    wedding table planwedding dessert table
    dessert table
    wedding cookies
    wedding buffet ireland
    favour bags ireland
    wedding decor diy ireland
    marquee ireland

    My favourite part of the wedding day...I honestly loved every minute of our wedding day but the highlight has to be when I was walking up the aisle and Dave turned to see me. I was so nervous about that part of the day, much more than the actual getting married part! The thought of all those eyes on me filled me with dread. I walked in clutching my Dad's arm, trying to lift my head so that I wasn't staring at the ground. It's soppy, I know, but when Dave swung around I remember thinking "There he is, it's all going to be okay, we're going to do this and I can't wait to marry him" and all the fear just fell away.

    wedding photobooth ideas
    wedding venue tipperary ireland marquee

    My piece of advice for other brides...Be yourselves and make it your own. It is the one day in your life where you can surround yourself with the people you love and the things that you love. So do it! Be creative with your wedding stationary and the inexpensive little touches, it's these details that will tell your story.

    Other suppliers...

    Bespoke stationary and event styling : Fancies & Frills;
    Flowers : The French Touch ;
    Dress and headpiece : Myrtle Ivory ;
    Bridesmaids dresses : Julien, St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre
    Groomsmen's ties :
    Groomsmen's socks : Debenhams
    Cupcakes : Buttercup Pantry ;
    Other desserts : The Butlers Pantry ;
    Church Music : Wave Acoustic Duo ;
    Band : Soul Purpose ;

    Click on the supplier you would like to find for your wedding:

    For VENUES click HERE

    For FLOWERS click HERE

    For DRESSES click HERE



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  • Rachel & Mark in Ballincurra House, by Brian Terry Photography

    Monday 22 August 2022 - Real Weddings - Tags: ballincurra-house, real-wedding, brian-terry-photography

    Wedding Date: June 3rd 2011
    Wedding location: St Patricks church Knockavilla, Co. Cork followed by reception in Ballinacurra House, Kinsale, Co. Cork.
    Photographer: Brian Terry,

    We met...Through friends on a night out in London in 2002. It was a “less than subtle” set up by our friends Matt and Lucy.

    First impressions...He had potential!

    Our proposal...We went for four days skiing in the beautiful setting of Adelboden in the Swiss Alps. Mark went down on one knee and produced a beautiful platanium diamond solitare that he had purchased 6 weeks earlier on business trip to Boston. The scenery (including the ring!) was spectacular. After first removing my ski goggles I of course said yes!

    real wedding photography
    wedding ballinacurra house

    My favourite part of the wedding day...Getting ready in the morning, we were all staying at Ballinacurra house and my hair and make-up people came to the house. As I was getting ready I could hear all the other guests milling around in the grounds of the house getting ready. I even got a few sneaky peeks at the groom out the window as he left in the car to cheers from our guests. This part of the day and the cermony were very special. If I could one bit again it would definitly be the cermony.

    wedding ireland photographer
    bridesmaids dress green
    knockavilla cork
    church cork
    wedding cork

    My dress...My dress was a custom made Kathy de Stafford design that combined features from two dresses that were available in her shop on Exchequer Street in Dublin.

    Our ceremony...Was in a beautiful little church in a small parish called Knockavilla Co. Cork.

    ballincurra house
    wedding cake strawberries
    wedding party outdoors
    wedding band cork

    Our wedding theme/colours...Our wedding was a summer garden party. Thankfully the weather cooperated in a way we could not have expected. Our colours were purple and green.

    ballincurra house wedding
    wedding dress cork
    wedding cork
    wedding cork
    wedding cork

    My piece of advice for other brides...If you can, don’t worry about the cost or the time it takes to do something, or how difficult it is going to be to achieve something. In the build up to the wedding you worry about all these  details but after the event you are glad you put in the effort. It is one day in a whole lifetime so make the absolute most of it.

    Photographer: [email protected]; 087 910 6909 
    Cake: Sue Cummins
    Head piece: Matt Doody Powerscourt, Dublin
    Dress: Kathy De Stafford
    Hair: Powder Room Girls
    Flowers: My aunt Eileen Riordan!
    Groom Suit: Brown Thomas
    Bridesmaid dress: BCBG Maxzaria on eBay
    Cocktail band: The Darktown Strutters

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  • Give me a Sign...

    Monday 15 August 2022 - DIY, Decor Inspiration - Tags: photobooth-ideas, wedding-signs, diy-weddings, decor

    By Karen Birney

    From chalkboards to wooden blocks and steal hangers to paper garlands, wedding decor has gone sign crazy. Perfect for photobooth props or to give guests directions to the candy buffet (most important!), wedding signs are a super cute and easy way to give your wedding a little personal touch, and they often make great keepsakes too!

    Here's some of our favourite, no matter you need a sign for...

    chalkboards heart square
    Chalkboards, whiteboards, or even framed glass are perfect ways to give information to your guests, whether it be about what's on the menu,or where they can find your guestbook. Heartshaped slate, 8, from Slate Gift Company on Rectangle slate, 12.99, from

    wedding just married signs
    If your having cocktails outdoors, these cute signs will add some extra sparkle to your decor. "Here comes the Bride" sign, $34.99 by Bragging Bags on, "Mr. & Mrs. Davids" personalised signs, 7.99, "Reception" sign by Sweet Wedding Details, $26, on "Bride" chair hanging sign, $24 by Wedology on

    wedding keepsakes personalised
    Each of these decorations make really lovely keepsakes for after the wedding. Personalised hanger from RockaBuyCreations, $26 on Cream and gold LOVE blocks, 20 from Decorative Wooden Letters, 13, from Ali's House of String on

    table decor wedding personalised
    Vintage style cupcake signs, $75.60 for 50 signs, Crafty Pagan Designs at Personalized Custom Engraved Monogrammed Tall Birch Bark Wood Vases, $390 for set of 20, Bragging Bags on Personalised cupcake toppers, $12 for 12 by Creative by Heart on

    props for thank you cards

    If you want to send out personalised Thank You cards after the wedding, these are perfect props for your photos! "Thank You" burlap bunting, $20 from Mirtillo Shop. LOVE burlap banner, $14 from Lazy Caterpillar. Personalised parasol, 35 from

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  • Beauty Giveaway!

    Wednesday 10 August 2022 - Beauty, Blog Competitions - Tags: competition, redken, haircare, thinning-hair, beauty-giveaway, beauty

    beauty competition

    It's a wet Wednesday, and you need some pampering... so here's WOL to the rescue! If you fancy a chance of winning the Redken Intra Force collection, including shampoo, toner and treatment, all you have to do is: Leave your name (WOL username) in the thread 'Redken Competition' in the Old Faithful forum! It's that simple! We'll then pick a winner at random from the thread! Also make sure to like us on Facebook if you have already, that's where we announce our competitions and you don't want to be missing out on free stuff now do you!?

    Good luck chicks!x

    *Competition will close Friday 12th August at 1pm. Only open to residents of Ireland.

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  • Day-After BBQ

    Monday 8 August 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Wedding Food - Tags: bbq, barbecue, summer-decor, outdoor-decor, ikea, diy-wedding, recipes, cocktails

    By Karen Birney

    Many people say that your wedding is just one day of your life (I’m looking at you, George Hook) but I tend to disagree. I think it's about 18 months of your life, give or take. By the time you factor in the excitement of the engagement (about two weeks), the stress/pleasure of planning(on average about 12 months), the anticipation of the day (the six month run-up), the day itself (+1), the high the day after (+1), the longing for the honeymoon (approx 2 months) and the inevitable downer in the months that follow (anything from 1 month to about 5 years), it’s a long time. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to stretch out the big day itself for as long as possible, and by that I mean by having a big blowout the day after.

    ikea outdoors
    All items from Ikea, Dublin

    A great idea to do this is to have a BBQ for your guests the day after the wedding. Some people choose to have a dinner the evening before, but with guests travelling, ladies wanting to do their tans (cough), or wanting to get a decent rest so they can don their dancing shoes for the big day, the day after is often a better option. So without further adieu, here we present some of our fave ideas for the day after BBQ.

    bbq ideas

    Turkey Burgers with Lemon Mayo (

    1. In a nonstick skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of the canola oil. Add the sliced onion and cook over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until golden and softened, about 25 minutes. Transfer the onion to a bowl. Wipe out the skillet.
    2. Heat 1 tablespoon of the canola oil in the skillet. Add the celery, apple and scallions and cook over moderate heat until softened, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and add the chipotle; let cool. Stir in the turkey, parsley, 1 teaspoon of the lemon zest, 2 teaspoons of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper. Shape the mixture into four 1/2-inch-thick patties.
    3. In the skillet, heat the remaining 1 tablespoon of canola oil. Add the burgers and cook over moderately high heat, turning once, until no longer pink inside, 10 minutes.
    4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the remaining 1 teaspoon of lemon zest, the lemon juice and chopped thyme and season with salt and pepper. Spread the lemon mayonnaise on the top halves of the buns; set the burgers on the bottom halves and top with the caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato. Close the burgers and serve.

    BBQ Thai Chicken Legs (Jamie Oliver)

    1.      Slash the chicken legs all over with a knife.

    2.      Pick the coriander leaves and put them to one side. Add the stalks to a food processor with the rest of the ingredients and whizz to make a paste.

    3.      Rub the paste into the slashes and all over the chicken legs.

    4.      Place in a snug-fitting tin to marinate and light the barbecue. Place the roasting tin on the edge of the barbie so the chicken starts to cook gently without starting to colour too much.

    5.      When the legs are about half cooked, take them out of the tray and place them directly on the barbecue. Grill, turning now and then, until cooked through and crispy brown on the outside. Sprinkle the coriander leaves over to serve.

    Tip: Grill the chicken on the medium-hot bit of the barbie, so it has a chance to cook before it crisps up.

    Potato Salad with Bacon & BBQ Sauce (

    1.      In a large pot, cover the potatoes with cold salted water and bring to a boil over moderately high heat. Cook until the potatoes are tender, about 35 minutes. Drain the potatoes and, when they are cool enough to handle, slice them in half.

    2.      Meanwhile, in a medium skillet, cook the bacon slices over moderate heat until crisp, about 6 minutes. Drain on paper towels and coarsely crumble.

    3.      In a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the barbecue sauce, mustard oil and sherry vinegar. Fold the potatoes into the dressing while they are still warm. Let the potato salad stand, stirring a few times, until the potatoes have cooled and absorbed most of the dressing, about 20 minutes.

    4.      Add the celery, red onion, parsley and tarragon to the potatoes and season with salt and pepper. Let stand for an additional 20 minutes, stirring a few times. Garnish with the bacon and sprouts, then serve.

    signature cocktails
    Recipes from

    1. Champagne Fruit Punch -Serves 6

    3 tablespoons Grenadine
    3 tablespoons Cointreau
    2 tablespoons Brandy
    1 3/4 cups Champagne
    Raspberries, apples, or other seasonal fruit

    Fill a small ice bucket halfway with ice. Pour grenadine, Cointreau, brandy, and Champagne over ice. Stir gently, and ladle punch into two wide-mouthed stemmed glasses. Garnish punch with raspberries, apples, or any other fruit in season.

    2. Spearmint Julep -Serves 4

    2 1/2 cups Bourbon,
    1 cup packed fresh spearmint, plus 4 sprigs for garnish
    2 to 3 tablespoons superfine sugar
    Ice cubes, for serving

    Combine bourbon and mint in a large pitcher, cover, and refrigerate 12 hours or up to one day. Strain, discarding mint. Add sugar, stirring to dissolve. Divide julep mixture among four ice-filled glasses. Garnish each with a mint sprig. The strained mint-infused bourbon can be refrigerated for up to 1 week in advance.

    3. Bing Cherry Mojitos -Serves 12

    1 1/4 cups sugar
    1 1/4 cups freshly squeezed lime juice (about 9 limes)
    3 pounds Bing cherries
    18 ounces best-quality black cherry or plain Vodka
    1 bottle sparkling water (750 mL)

    Bring sugar and 1 1/4 cups water to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat; let cool completely. (Makes about 2 cups syrup.) Syrup can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 1 month. Put lime juice into a medium nonreactive bowl. Halve and pit cherries; add to lime juice. Stir in syrup. Refrigerate for at least one hour (up to overnight). Stir cherry mixture and vodka in a large serving bowl. Fill 12 glasses with ice. Spoon 1/2 cups of cherry-vodka mixture into each glass. Top off with sparkling water. Serve immediately.

    bbq wedding decor

    If you can find a way to get instant photos on the day of your wedding, it is well worth it. Poloroid/photobooth photos would make great decor at your BBQ the day after and are guaranteed to get your guests chatting. They are also really nice to have for yourself while waiting for the professionals to come through! All you need to display them is some twine, and some mini pegs. To let your guests know what's in the salads etc... just jot the ingredients down on a chalkboard.

    summer dress BBQ
    Comfort and Style. Playsuit/Dresses from L-R; €66.66, €67.95, €32.05

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  • Love Vinyl?

    Thursday 4 August 2022 - Decor Inspiration - Tags: decor, vinyl, music, stationary, stationery, wedding, invitations, unusual

    By Karen Birney

    About two weeks ago I spent an extremely lazy Saturday browsing through the vinyl market fair in the Mercantile on Dame Street. Ever since that I’ve wanted to do something for the site/magazine on music-themed weddings. Unfortunately four times a year my head falls off and is attacked by little magazine monsters so I’m unable to muster a thought for approximately 24 hours a day (don’t worry, I secretly love it). Anyway, I received a mail from a friend of mine (HOLLA ATCHA RO!) that simply read ‘Please put this in B Magazine’ and linked to some vinyl-themed wedding invitations. And here we are.

    The Album Cover Engagement/Invitation

    music themed wedding vinyl

    I came across this engagement shoot by Toast Photography on It's is based on Bob Dylan's Free Wheelin' album cover and acted as the base for the couple's wedding stationery. Now I know Irish couples aren't generally the type to jump in front of a camera at any given moment ('cides maybe after a few bevs that is) but think of what a gorgeous keepsake this would be when you're both old and...wise?! And if you're super shy, just hide your face behind a prop. Badabing. See more of the stationery, by Chad Pickett, here.

    Music sheet themed decor

    music theme decor wedding

    I'm into bunting. There's something I'd never thought I'd say before but there you go. This bunting from Grace & Favour Home on Etsy would look really cute along an escort card table or on the wall behind the cakestand. Another way of creating that rustic, vintage and classic music theme when your guests enter is to use these little stave-printed pegs as escort card holders. They're magnetic so you can stick them to a wall (made of some sort of iron) or just pin some thick twine to the wall and peg them on that.

    Vinyl details

    vinyl theme wedding

    The invites here are by Guestlist on Etsy and include a mixed CD inside with music chosen by the bride and groom (you'll have to check here for terms and conditions, I'm not 'up' on my music copywrite I'm afraid). Found via DesignSponge.

    Other really great ideas for old vinyls is to use one as your guest book and frame it later. Just provide gold/silver pens. via

    Fluted vinyl bowl in top right corner by Vinyl Village via

    record wedding

    If you fancy something music related for your tables, print out the covers of your favourite albums, paste them onto coloured card and use them as table numbers. Table numbers by Kia Kreations via

    "Wish you were here" frame by Kylies Papercuts via NotontheHighStreet

    Escort card table style by WeddingsOnline, image by Darren Purcell

    And finally...

    Check this out for amazing:


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    book booth shoot

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