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Blog entries from April 2012

  • Heels fit for a Bride!

    Friday 27 April 2022 - Fashion - Tags: colourful-wedding-shoes, wedding-heels, bridesmaid-shoes, wedding-shoes

    Image by Furious Photography

    We just love heels. Maybe it's the way they make you stand straighter and taller, so you look more confident and dare we say, slimmer too? So a good pair of shoes on your wedding day is an absolute must! It might sound a bit clichéd, but more than anything else in the world, being you and showing off your personal style is one of the most important things for any bride! Keeping all that in mind, we found attention-grabbing shoes for those who like to take risks, classic heels for those who don't, and the perfect pumps for the brides in between! By Amy Croffey

    “It’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels!”
    Tom Ford

    Show-stopping Heels


    Clockwise from top left: Dune | Dune | Stuart Weitzman, €335 from Brown Thomas | Carvella, €180 from Brown Thomas | Badgley Mishka

    We love something that little bit different like the shoes above. They're all in great pastel shades, which makes them a safe'ish option but with that little bit extra. Check out the gold shoe boots from Dune above, perfect for a fashion forward bride with a high-low gown or a dress with a thigh-high slit, because these shoes are for showing off, especially when matched with bright red toes!

    Classic Heels

    Clockwise from top left: Rachel Simpson available from Bella Bleu Vintage Bridal | Rainbow Club available from B CoutureBridal; The Bridal Emporium; Dance World | Swan by Badgley Mishka | Protocol Bridal | Monsoon, €110

    Classic bridal shoes will always be in style, so if you're not feeling the colourful hues, but want something to make you stand out, opt for a pair with some extra details. We just love Rachel Simpson's ivory heels with bow details available from Bella Bleu Vintage Bridal or Badgley Mishka's white and diamante detailed shoes, which would look great with a hair-piece to match!

    Colourful Heels

    Hey Lady! available from Bella Bleu Vintage Bridal

    Clockwise from top left: Carvella, €135 | KG, €195 | KG, €195 | KG, €195 - all available from Brown Thomas | Pumps with Bows from Accessorize

    All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, but if you team a pair of bright heels with your wedding gown, we promise not an eye in the house will stray from you all day! These shoes are loud and proud and they demand attention - as well as good balance! Wear a shade that matches your wedding theme and bridesmaids, or decide to follow a major current catwalk trend and go for a hue that totally clashes with the rest. Our favourite from above has to be the light blue, peep-toe KGs, if not for your something blue, then for your something fabulous!

    For more amazing bridal styles in your area, see more Wedding Shoe Stockists!

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  • Tuscan Delights - Italian Blue & Brilliant White

    Monday 23 April 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: outdoor-wedding, blueberry, blue, catering, kadee-bridal-boutque, moreland-bridal, pretty-as-a-picture, tuscany, italy

    tuscany wedding
    Clockwise from top left: Escort cards on skeleton keys photo by Kate Headley via UnitedWithLove | Outdoor umbrella photo by Lisa Poggi via 100LayerCake | VitorreStationery by Pretty as a Picture, Dublin | Blueberry and white icing cake via YummyWeddingFood | ‘Felice’ by Cymbeline, Kadee Bridal Boutique, Westmeath

    After interviewing Sara Mazzei from Infinity Weddings & Events last week for this piece, I just can’t seem to get my mind off bella Italia. So much so that himself had to hide my iPad over the weekend when I decided I had to know EVERYTHING there was to know about Florence, Rome, Tuscany, Venice...and that he had to know them too. Sadly, the closest I got to booking a trip to Firenze was having a glass of red wine (actually from South East Australia) and some pizza (which I’m pretty sure was made in Wicklow) and watching The Italian Job on Channel 4 (original version, though filmed moreso in the UK than in Italy I suspect).

    Anyway I decided to day dream again today, while the rain beats down on my skylight, about warm evening sunsets, scrumptious blueberry sweets and a silken-clad sposa on the rolling hills of Tuscany.  

     tuscany wedding palette
    Clockwise from top left: Rustic chandelier image by Leo Patrone via Snippet&Ink | Bride holding grapes photo by Mike Larson via StyleMePretty | Outdoor banqueting table with glass candelabras and petrol blue runner styled by Clara Boatto via 100LayerCake | Salmon canapés by Eunice Power Catering, Waterford | Bridesmaid dress in nude with black ribbon from Moreland Bridal, Dublin

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  • A Mature Romance -Pink, Green and Grey Wedding Palette

    Friday 20 April 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: pink, green, grey, palette, pearl-and-godiva, the-parlour-press, bella-bleu, bloomsday-flowers, dessy

    pink grey green wedding
    Clockwise from left: Wedding cake by Little Cakes | Vintage-style shoes from Beholden Bridal at Bella Bleu, Cork | Photo of wedding guest by Jodie Chapman 

    Spring is all about fresh flowers and pretty pastels -what better colour scheme to evoke for the most romantic day of your life? However some brides don't go for all things girly and pink, so this palette is the perfect choice for those wishing to create dreamy wedding decor with touches of feminine fancies, but at the same time want a more mature, refined style of occasion.

    Grey will be your anchor for creating this palette, and you can go from various intensities and shades of grey (have at most three shades, to keep some consistency however) The trick to this is to use accents of pale pinks and greens to brighten up the palette, in flowers, accessories, and with stationery and table decor.

    Compiled by Karen Birney.

    pink grey green wedding palette
    Clockwise from top left: Pink stripe invitations from The Parlour Press, Dublin | Table plan brown cards and polka dot pegs photo by Shaw Shots | Groom in pink shirt with pick button hole photo by Cappy Hotchkiss via Snippet & Ink | Grey, pink and green wedding bouquet by Bloomsday Flowers, Cork

    pink green grey wedding table
    pink green grey palette
    Main image: Green and pink table decor photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via The Sweetest Occassions | Clockwise from top left: Vintage teacup candle photo by Jenna McKenzie Photography for Hey Gorgeous | Reception room in George in Rye | Pale pink v-neck bridesmaid dress by Lela Rose at Dessy | Table decor photo styled by Pearl & Godiva -Event Styling and Vintage China & Crockery Hire, Ireland

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  • Brides on Trend –The Top Knot

    Wednesday 18 April 2022 - Beauty - Tags: beauty, hair

    bride with high bun top knot hair
    Top image: Hair by Davey Davey | Left: via TheKnot | Right: Hilary Duff

    The top knot is the newest hair trend for the elegant, refined bride. Heights and degrees vary to suit each individual but generally the hair is pulled top the top of the crown, neatly and softly, showing off the neckline and making room for a stunning headpiece or veil.

    A high bun is a timeless style, it looks less complicated and therefore less fussy than the popular bridal chignon. If you haven’t been blessed with a lustrous full mane (we hear ya sista), a donut is your best option to create a big, buoyant bun. Donuts provide shape and support to the bun and are very easy to use if you want to try doing your own hair.

    Try not to pull the hair back too much -you don’t want to look like a startled ballerina for the day and be left with a pounding headache for the wedding night! But also remember that wear it too loose and you may be at risk of looking a tad ‘day-after-the-night-before‘. You need to get it just right so that it says complete elegance, but also seems natural and easy.

    Only go for this look if you are happy to be very ‘out there’ for the day, there is nowhere to hide when you’ve pulled the hair back off your face unless you’ve opted for a birdcage veil, so make sure you are content with your side profile and your make-up. Don’t be afraid to go for statement earrings to make your whole look ‘pop’.

    Compiled by Karen Birney.

    jessica claire swan photo shoot
    bride top knot bangs
    bride with high bun
    Top two images by Jessica Claire | Main image by Jonas Peterson via OnceWed | Bridesmaid dress image from Lela Rose for Dessy | Bride in mirror, hair by The Hair Mob | Bride in fur hair by Bridal Hair by Marie (Hickey) | Smiling bride with crystal earrings photo by Eric Savo

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  • Meet WeddingsOnline's Real Bride Blogger, Fallon Wasser!

    Wednesday 11 April 2022 - Fallon's Blog, Advice - Tags: the-white-room-mullingar, finding-the-right-wedding-dress, bridal-blogger, real-bride-stories

    Fallon WeddingsOnline real bride bloggerMeet our new bridal blogger, Fallon Wasser, who will marry fiancé Darren Dunne on December 7th, 2012. Fallon will be taking us through the ups and downs of her wedding plans and has promised to share any wedding planning tips and tricks with other brides-to-be along the way!

    Fallon and Darren met ten years ago through mutual friends in a night club called Club Diva at the Red Cow Hotel. When Fallon first met Darren she thought he had a great smile and was confident in himself and that he was a bit of a flirt too! When Darren first saw Fallon, he thought she was beautiful, "I knew I wanted to see her again," he told us.

    Darren proposed to her on their ten year anniversary. "I came home from work thinking we were just going to have a normal dinner together," said Fallon. "Darren told me to sit down at our kitchen table, then he popped into the other room and came back with a beautiful bunch of red roses. I thought it was just an anniversary gift until I looked at the card which said 'Will you marry me?' on it. To say I was shocked was an understatement. He had told family and friends that he was going to propose and they were all standing by for the party."

    'The One' - Fallon's First Post

    The one makes you go weak at the knees, can bring tears to your eyes and can make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. I'm not talking about himself, I mean the frock, the guna, your wedding dress. When you know it's the one you just know, isn't that what people say? It's such a bazarre thing because I have heard friends talk about just knowing and I always thought 'yeah right' until I had my own experience in The White Room in Mullingar. Let me fill you in.

    Last November, off I trotted to The White Room. This was a full year in advance of my wedding but my objective at the time was to try on as many different shapes and types so I could narrow it down to a certain style of dress. That was when the real search would ensue, or so I thought.

    Before I get into the dress-trying-on part, I'd like to say how important it is to have the right people with you for this experience. I personally wanted to keep it to one or two people. You don't want too many different opinions being thrown at you. So my Mam was an obvious choice. Now my Mam, bless her, would have told me on the day that I looked great in a white plastic bag. The emotion of it all really got to her seeing her only child in a wedding dress. She's not the most critical person in the world so I knew I needed to have someone who has similar tastes to mine and who, more importantly, would tell me straight out if I looked like a sack of potatoes, so I asked my cousin Tamlyn, who had recommended The White Room, to come along also.

    A Little Girl's Dream

    When we arrived for our appointment we were greeted and brought upstairs to our own private fitting rooms, complete with dressing area, a seating area for those accompanying you, full length mirrors and a box thingy to stand on that you see in the movies. The woman in the shop told me to go through the many, many racks of dresses and pull out as many as I wanted. She advised me to try all the different styles, not just what I thought I wanted and that's exactly what I did. Ballroom, fishtail, 1920s, lace, no lace, fitted, sleeves, no sleeves - you get the idea. Each time I changed a dress, my little dresser friend was there to help me in and out and pin me together. I cannot rave enough about the level of customer service that I experienced in The White Room and the quality of the dresses. I can only imagine how many times they get tried on but they were all immaculate and the show room itself was like a little girl's dream, rows and rows of dresses, a veil section, jewellery, shoes and an area holding an assortment of boleros etc. Amazing!

    It is so surreal putting on a wedding dress for the first time, whether you like the dress or not, seeing yourself in head-to-toe wedding get-up is just mad. I tried on around 10-12 dresses and after the first few, I knew that a fitted dress was going to work best for me. I then put on the last dress that Tamlyn had picked up as a "sure ya might as well try it" type thing. So there I stood in my little curtained off dressing area with my little dresser friend standing behind me closing me up and literally as she did so I started to well up. Yes, I actually had myself a little moment! I was in love, I'd met 'The One'. I stepped out from behind the curtain to show my mam and Tamlyn and then they had a moment, we were all a little glassy-eyed. I'd like to think my little dresser friend had a moment too. She popped a veil on and told me to stand on the box thingy and well, it was game over. I was sold. A couple of days later I paid the deposit and haven't been inside another bridal shop since.

    I can never understand other brides-to-be when they say they have seen a dress that they love but are going to keep looking just in case. Let me tell you this; if you're still looking, it's not the one. Stop stringing yourself and the dress along and end it. Window shopping is okay, we all want to know what's out there, but trying on others behind your dresses back, well that's just not right! Occasionally I go onto the designer website just to have a look at her and each time I get a little flutter in the pit of my stomach that tells me "yes she's still the one".

    Fallon will have a regular WeddingsOnline blog spot, feel free to leave a comment for Fallon here, or chat to her in the WeddingsOnline Forums!

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  • Easter Wedding Colour Palette: Eggshell Blue & Nude

    Thursday 5 April 2022 - Decor Inspiration, Colour Palettes - Tags: easter-weddings, colour-inspiration, blue-and-nude-colour-palette

    By Amy Croffey

    This classic colour pairing not only looks fantastic for Easter weddings but also in the spring/ summer season. It's a colour combo that evokes soft soothing feelings that signify a stylish fresh start to married life. One of the best things we love most about this soft eggshell blue and nude colour scheme is that you can use it in every part of your wedding because it’s so calming and gentle. Integrate it into your big day by using it in your flowers, wedding dress - as your ‘something blue’ perhaps, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, head table and altar decor.

    eggshell blue and nude wedding palette

    Image from top left: Wedding Dress Romona Keveza | Vivienne Westwood Shoes | Shaw Shots | JK PhotographyKurt Vinion - See the rest of Claire Durkin’s Real Wedding  | Finer Details | JK Photography | Favour Boxes from the WeddingsOnline Shop | Confetti Shop Photobox Ł5.49 | Two Birds Bridesmaids Dresses |

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