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Blog entries from September 2008

  • Wollie’s Dating Disasters

    Monday 8 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: funny-dating-stories, weddingsonline-forums

    We love heading into the WeddingsOnline Forums for a look at the latest goings-on in our Wollie’s lives. It’s a great place to share wedding ideas and the girls there offer great advice on every topic imaginable - and we mean everything!

    So you can imagine our delight when we logged on to a whole host of hilarious disaster dating stories. After a lot of rolling around the office in hysterics and wiping mascara stained cheeks of joy, we decided to put up a select few for you to enjoy, but it’s definitely worth logging on to see the rest!

    WOL Scenario 1:

    I once had a guy pick me up after work so we could go for dinner. I was looking forward to it, so you can image my surprise when he pulled into the Tesco car park and we went inside to pick up Tesco's Finest Chinese for dinner.

    He then took me back to his house. He had failed to mention that he still lived with his parents, who ended up sharing the Chinese with us!

    WOL Scenario 2:

    I went out with an accountant once who was the meanest, most penny-pinching tight man you could ever meet. In the six months we were together he brought me out once, for Valentines Day, for takeaway pizza, which we ate in the street, so we could save the extra euro to "eat in". 

    This could have been romantic, lovely even, if it wasn't snowing and freezing and if I hadn't been listening to him b*tch about the cost of restaurants. Oh and also, if he hadn't been building me up all week with talk of a "special romantic night out".



    WOL Scenario 3:

    A friend of mine was out for dinner with a fella, who told her that he was a bit broke so if she wouldn't mind ordering something "cheap" off the menu.

    She ordered an omelette. He ordered a steak!

    WOL Scenario 4:

    I went on a couple of dates with a guy around Christmas time. On our third date he produced a beautifully wrapped present. I was getting a bit freaked out because it was way too early to be getting presents. Anyway, I opened it and it was a new mobile phone. There was nothing wrong with my mobile and I knew I was due an upgrade soon.

    So I said: “Thanks very much. I hope it wasn't too expensive.”

    He replied: "It was free actually. I used your upgrade to get it".

    I nearly fell off my chair. He had gone into the shop and signed me up for another year's contract, which I would have to pay! I had to spend the evening on the phone trying to cancel everything. Needless to say he was binned after that.

    WOL Forum For more of these, have a look at the WeddingsOnline Forums.

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