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  • Our Real Bride Blogger: Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Wednesday 2 May 2022 - Fallon's Blog, Advice - Tags: dunboyne-castle-hotel-and-spa, finding-the-perfect-wedding-venue, fallon-wasser-bridal-blogger, bridal-blogger

    fallon blogWOL’s fabulous bridal blogger Fallon Wasser is getting ready to marry her fiancé Darren Dunne on December 7th, 2012. Fallon is taking us on her wedding planning journey, through the ups and downs, highs and lows and is sharing her wedding planning tips and tricks with us along the way!

    I don’t know about you ladies, but for me the hardest thing about organising my wedding to date was definitely picking the venue. When I got engaged and started looking at all the different places, I had myself a mini-meltdown! There is just so much choice and it can all be a little over whelming. Luckily for me, I had my friend Louise on hand. She got married last year, so she was in the loop in terms of what a good package should contain and what questions I should ask the hotel. So we sat down one evening over a bottle (or three!) of wine and I must have given her about ten different venues that I liked for various reasons. You see, I love the old country house feel with creaking floorboards and chandeliers but I also wanted the comfort and luxury of a modern hotel. Honestly, I’m really not that fussy, I just wanted everything! We went through the various hotels that I picked and narrowed it down to three, which were all around the Meath area, one of which was Dunboyne Castle. The plan was to make appointments for a single day and Louise and I would go and do a little research on them. If there was any that I liked I would bring himself down and do the hard sell on him.

    Winding Staircases

    When we arrived at Dunboyne Castle we had a lovely lunch. The food was fab and the service from the staff was really great! The castle felt like the perfect combo of new and old that I was initially looking for and I fell in love with the old house with its beautiful winding staircase and period features. We met with a member of the events team to go through some details and get a proper tour of the hotel. She asked me to fill out some forms and when I looked down at the page Louise’s name was down for the bride and my name was down for the groom. She thought that Louise and I were a couple, which we had a good giggle about!

    So home I went to convince himself that it was perfect, luckily for me on our return visit the following week he loved it just as much as me and we booked it! I’ve been back down on a couple of occasions since and have never been disappointed with the level of service. Sinead and the events team have always been extremely helpful with my many questions over the past few months and I know I’m in safe hands.

    You're onto a Winner

    For any bride and groom out there in venue hell, I would say sit down and write down what’s the most important thing to you about the venue and what can’t you compromise on. Make sure you look at the package available and price up the extras that aren’t included, because it’s the hidden extras that will hike up your overall cost. Any decent venue will want to work with you and try and facilitate your big day as much as possible - it’s all give and take. The last thing would be to read reviews, there are always going to be people who have had a bad experience at some point but as long as the overall vibe is positive you’re onto a winner!

    dunboyne hotel castle spa
    Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa

    In Fallon’s next bridal blog post, she looks for the perfect wedding shoes to help her glide up the aisle and dance the night away!

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  • Meet WeddingsOnline's Real Bride Blogger, Fallon Wasser!

    Wednesday 11 April 2022 - Fallon's Blog, Advice - Tags: the-white-room-mullingar, finding-the-right-wedding-dress, bridal-blogger, real-bride-stories

    Fallon WeddingsOnline real bride bloggerMeet our new bridal blogger, Fallon Wasser, who will marry fiancé Darren Dunne on December 7th, 2012. Fallon will be taking us through the ups and downs of her wedding plans and has promised to share any wedding planning tips and tricks with other brides-to-be along the way!

    Fallon and Darren met ten years ago through mutual friends in a night club called Club Diva at the Red Cow Hotel. When Fallon first met Darren she thought he had a great smile and was confident in himself and that he was a bit of a flirt too! When Darren first saw Fallon, he thought she was beautiful, "I knew I wanted to see her again," he told us.

    Darren proposed to her on their ten year anniversary. "I came home from work thinking we were just going to have a normal dinner together," said Fallon. "Darren told me to sit down at our kitchen table, then he popped into the other room and came back with a beautiful bunch of red roses. I thought it was just an anniversary gift until I looked at the card which said 'Will you marry me?' on it. To say I was shocked was an understatement. He had told family and friends that he was going to propose and they were all standing by for the party."

    'The One' - Fallon's First Post

    The one makes you go weak at the knees, can bring tears to your eyes and can make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. I'm not talking about himself, I mean the frock, the guna, your wedding dress. When you know it's the one you just know, isn't that what people say? It's such a bazarre thing because I have heard friends talk about just knowing and I always thought 'yeah right' until I had my own experience in The White Room in Mullingar. Let me fill you in.

    Last November, off I trotted to The White Room. This was a full year in advance of my wedding but my objective at the time was to try on as many different shapes and types so I could narrow it down to a certain style of dress. That was when the real search would ensue, or so I thought.

    Before I get into the dress-trying-on part, I'd like to say how important it is to have the right people with you for this experience. I personally wanted to keep it to one or two people. You don't want too many different opinions being thrown at you. So my Mam was an obvious choice. Now my Mam, bless her, would have told me on the day that I looked great in a white plastic bag. The emotion of it all really got to her seeing her only child in a wedding dress. She's not the most critical person in the world so I knew I needed to have someone who has similar tastes to mine and who, more importantly, would tell me straight out if I looked like a sack of potatoes, so I asked my cousin Tamlyn, who had recommended The White Room, to come along also.

    A Little Girl's Dream

    When we arrived for our appointment we were greeted and brought upstairs to our own private fitting rooms, complete with dressing area, a seating area for those accompanying you, full length mirrors and a box thingy to stand on that you see in the movies. The woman in the shop told me to go through the many, many racks of dresses and pull out as many as I wanted. She advised me to try all the different styles, not just what I thought I wanted and that's exactly what I did. Ballroom, fishtail, 1920s, lace, no lace, fitted, sleeves, no sleeves - you get the idea. Each time I changed a dress, my little dresser friend was there to help me in and out and pin me together. I cannot rave enough about the level of customer service that I experienced in The White Room and the quality of the dresses. I can only imagine how many times they get tried on but they were all immaculate and the show room itself was like a little girl's dream, rows and rows of dresses, a veil section, jewellery, shoes and an area holding an assortment of boleros etc. Amazing!

    It is so surreal putting on a wedding dress for the first time, whether you like the dress or not, seeing yourself in head-to-toe wedding get-up is just mad. I tried on around 10-12 dresses and after the first few, I knew that a fitted dress was going to work best for me. I then put on the last dress that Tamlyn had picked up as a "sure ya might as well try it" type thing. So there I stood in my little curtained off dressing area with my little dresser friend standing behind me closing me up and literally as she did so I started to well up. Yes, I actually had myself a little moment! I was in love, I'd met 'The One'. I stepped out from behind the curtain to show my mam and Tamlyn and then they had a moment, we were all a little glassy-eyed. I'd like to think my little dresser friend had a moment too. She popped a veil on and told me to stand on the box thingy and well, it was game over. I was sold. A couple of days later I paid the deposit and haven't been inside another bridal shop since.

    I can never understand other brides-to-be when they say they have seen a dress that they love but are going to keep looking just in case. Let me tell you this; if you're still looking, it's not the one. Stop stringing yourself and the dress along and end it. Window shopping is okay, we all want to know what's out there, but trying on others behind your dresses back, well that's just not right! Occasionally I go onto the designer website just to have a look at her and each time I get a little flutter in the pit of my stomach that tells me "yes she's still the one".

    Fallon will have a regular WeddingsOnline blog spot, feel free to leave a comment for Fallon here, or chat to her in the WeddingsOnline Forums!

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  • Wedding Customs and Superstitions

    Friday 13 January 2022 - News, Advice - Tags: wedding-superstitions, wedding-customs, wedding-traditions

    Wedding Customs and Superstitions

    By Amy Croffey

    Since it's Friday the 13th today, tradition says it’s bad luck to get married, so we put together some more Irish wedding traditions for couples. Some of you may stick religiously to these superstitions, others won’t bat an eyelid at them, and many might follow them ‘just in case’, whatever you decide, here are the customs that we believe are either most noteworthy or bizarre:

    Blue - Wearing something blue is considered to represent purity and fidelity.


    Bonfires - In some parts of the west of Ireland, neighbours light bonfires outside their homes to wish the bride and groom good luck on their wedding day. Neighbours and friends will stand at the fire and wave to the couple as they pass to their reception.

    Cat - If you feed a cat out of an old shoe, your wedding day will be a happy one. 

    Confetti - Throwing rice or confetti as the couple leaves the church is meant to bestow fertility on them.

    Dress - It is unlucky to try on your whole outfit (dress, shoes, veil, the lot!) and look in a full length mirror before your wedding day, but if you leave off a shoe or a hairpin you can fend off the bad luck. Phew!

    Earrings - The earrings you wear on your wedding day will bring you luck and happiness for evermore.

    Groom - The groom should pay everything with an odd sum of money on his wedding day, or else bad luck ensues.

    Rain - If it rains on the wedding day, the bride will cry all of her married life. 


    Ring - If the bride has to assist the groom when he is putting the ring on her finger it means he will be ruled by her in the future. (Get him a smaller ring ladies!)


    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe - The something old should be from a happily married woman, the borrowed should be an object of gold and the sixpence should be worn in the heel of the left shoe as a symbol of wealth. 

    Sun - It is believed that if the sun shines on the bride on her wedding day, it will bring good luck to the couple and their children will be beautiful.

    Surnames - It is unlucky for a woman to marry a man whose surname began with the same letter as hers.

    Veil - It's good luck to get a happily married woman to put your veil on, but bad luck to put it on yourself.

    If you are anything like us, you’ll probably take many of these customs with a pinch of salt, so instead of using these customs, make your own for your wedding day.

    We got most of these superstitions from the ladies on the WOL Forums, if you know of anymore wedding customs, superstitions or traditions from Ireland, or anywhere around the world, leave us a comment below!

    Shoe image by Studio 33 all other images by Elizabeth Messina.

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  • *A WOL Christmas Wish*

    Friday 23 December 2021 - Real Weddings, Photoshoots, Photo Inspiration, News, Fashion, Decor Inspiration, Advice - Tags: christmas-wish, weddingsonline-ies-christmas-wish, happy-holidays

    WOL Xmas Wish

    Happy Holidays to all our Wollies!

    2011 was a great year for us, like everyone else we had our ups and downs, but they were mainly ups thanks to you!

    Here’s hoping that 2012 will be filled with happiness, laughter, prosperity and most importantly and aptly, love for you all.

    Best wishes,

    The WeddingsOnline Team x

    Image: Emily Johnson Anderson

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  • Staying Focused on your Wedding Day -Laser Eye Sugery

    Monday 10 October 2021 - Beauty, Advice - Tags: ultralase-clinic, laser-eye-surgery-price, eye-testing-ireland, laser-eye-surgery

    laser eye surgery irelandThis article is sponsored by Ultralase Laser Clinic, Ireland.

    Picture it: It’s your special day, and you’re marrying the love of your life. You and your bridesmaids have spent all morning having your hair styled and make-up applied. You have the dress of your dreams - the kind you’ve been fantasising about since you were three, the kind thatyou used to draw with your friends at school and the kind that took you many stressful hours to find. Your husband-to-be who, let's face it,is a bit of a scruff, has scrubbed up well and looks rather dashing in a suit and tails. All in all you’re one happy girl. Or you would be if youcould see it all sharp and in focus.

    Whether you’re long or short sighted, I can speak from experience as a best man that it gets old very fast having to put on then take off your glasses constantly throughout a wedding ceremony, depending on what’s going on. And though they are useful, I’m sure you, as a bride, wouldn’t want to wear a glasses chain around your neck all day and ruin your outfit. Of course the next best thing would be contact lenses (if you can get over the whole ‘touching your eyeball’ thing) and though your day will be seen in splendid clarity, you will have to take them out at night time which may interrupt other activities!

    So when you’re making a list of things to do for your wedding day to make it perfect, fixing your eye sight at an Ultralase Laser Clinic in Ireland might be something you would overlook or that wouldn't be at the top of your priority list. But think of it this way - as one of the most important days of your life, surely you would want to enjoy it all and soak it all up? Surely you'd want to be able to look out from the alter after kissing your husband and see all your friends and family basking in your radiant happiness? And to do that, you would need perfect 20/20 eye sight.

    With laser eye surgery, a plethora of vision problems can be treated - from long and short sightedness to the natural condition of Presbyopia which can affect those in their middle-ages - giving you no excuse not to get the most from your big day. Many clinics offer free consultations to help you decide whether it is right for you, and these will usually involve:

    • An extensive eye examination by an Optometrist which features a mix of tests you will be familiar with - such as the eye chart vision test - and some that will be new, as well as the forum to ask and be asked questions about the process.
    • You will then have your eyes mapped to give the Optometrist a full understanding of your lenses. This will be more in depth than the previous test and is performed in order to give you the best advice possible.
    • With your eyes fully analysed, the Optometrist will explain which eye surgeries are suitable for you, discussing the advantages of each vision correction treatment and helping choose the best for you. You can ask any further questions that you might want answering and can book in immediately if it suits you.

    Other clinics may also include a patient forecast which will detail the full results of your eye test, break them down into easy to read graphs, and feature impartial feedback from former patients of your age range and prescription who have had the surgery. Many clinics also offer lifetime aftercare for free to give you the best possible results and to make sure your life with perfect vision goes without a hitch - these include follow up appointments, and access to 24/7 aftercare advice phone lines.

    With laser eye surgery offered from as little as Ł395 per eye and priced on a sliding scale depending on the strength of your sight, it's a procedure worth thinking about in order to make your perfect day just that little bit more effortless and enjoyable.

    Contact Details
    1800 40 20 20

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  • Wedding Photography Checklist

    Thursday 8 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: white-tea-photography, christina-brosnan, studio-33-photography, fallon-and-byrne, gary-barrett-photography, ryan-montgomery-photography, kevin-morris-photography, wedding-photographers, david-mcclelland

    Studio 33
    (Studio 33 Photography)

    For your big day, you want to ensure that your wedding memories are preserved forever, so think about making a list of pictures that you would like captured most. Speak with your wedding photographer beforehand, so you can check off the essentials (see below). You could also add some of your own ideas, like a location you would like to be photographed in or various creative shots of friends and family.

    You could also assign a trusted family member or friend to assist your photographer. They don’t have to miss out on the fun and frolics of your wedding day, they just need to be available to help round-up various members of the clan for the family pictures.

    Most wedding photographers have their own wedding photography checklist, so you don’t need to give them too much guidance, as you'll want them to have some time to capture impromptu shots.

    Use the list below as guidance: 

    At Home

    Bride getting ready e.g. getting hair and make-up done, putting on the dress / Wedding dress hanging up / The bride's shoes / bouquetMother of the bride fastening the bride's dress / Bride in her dress / Bride pinning corsage or boutonniere on mother and father /
    Bride with her mother/ father and then both parents together / Bride with her maid-of-honour / Bride with her bridesmaids / Bridesmaids only

    (David McClelland Photography)

    Flower girl and page boy / Mother and father of the bride together / Bride and her father in the wedding car
    Groom getting ready e.g. tying tie, putting on jacket / Groom helping groomsmen get ready or vice versa

    Kevin Morris
    (Kevin Morris Photography)

    Groom and best man / Groom and his attendants / Groom with his mother/ father and the both parents together /
    Mother and father of the groom together


    Guests walking into ceremony / Bride arriving to the ceremony

    Ryan M
    (Ryan Montgomery Photography)

    Bridesmaids walking down the aisle / Bride with her father walking down the aisle / Groom at the top of the altar waiting for his bride / Groom seeing bride for first time - our favourite! / Father of the bride handing over his daughter to the groom
    Bride, groom and attendants at the altar / Shot of the guests from the bride and groom's point of view / Saying the vows
    The exchange of rings / The kiss / The signing of the register / Bride and groom walking up the aisle / After the Ceremony
    Bride and groom in the receiving line / Bride and groom outside the ceremony venue / Guests throwing confetti
    Bride and her attendants / Groom with his attendants / Bride with groomsmen / Groom with bridesmaids
    Bride, groom and their attendants / Bride, groom with their families / Bride, groom with his family / Bride, groom with her family
    Mother and father of the bride / Mother and father of the groom / Both mothers together/ then both fathers together
    Everyone in attendance / Bride and groom in the wedding car / Bride and groom in 'lovey-dovey' shots


    (David McClelland Photography)

    Bride and groom entering the reception / Decorations e.g. table centrepieces/ table settings / guest book etc.
    The top table / The speeches
    Guests' reaction to the speeches / Wedding cake / Cutting the cake / Bride and groom feeding each other cake / The first dance

    (Christina Brosnan Photography)

    Bride and father dancing / Groom and mother dancing / Guests dancing / Groom removing the bride's garter / Bride throwing her bouquet

    Creative Images

    Bride & Groom having breakfasT / Bride & groom drinking champagne before the ceremony
    A close up of the bride and groom’s shoes from under the dress/ and tux


    Looking for a wedding photographer with their very own wedding checklist? Find one in the WOL Suppliers Directory.

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  • Interview with Tara Fay

    Tuesday 31 August 2022 - Advice, Supplier Spotlight - Tags: None

    In case you haven't heard the best wedding news ever, let me enlighten you, Tara Fay, Ireland's premier bespoke wedding planner will be holding a wedding masterclass at Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Donegal on September 26th and 27th!

    So let me break this down...this means you can get wedding tips and advice from Ireland's best wedding planner at one of Ireland's bestest 5 star venues (and Wedding Venue of the Year)'s a no brainer. Oh and Joanne (the WOL Customer Service Manager) and I will be there too! I will be the girl grinning like a little school girl in the front row.

    Tara Fay

    So here is an interview with the master herself, Tara Fay of Xena Productions.

    What is your job exactly?

    I am a wedding planner, the best way to describe what I do would be to say, I am your stage manager and you as the client are my directors.  So I will take direction from you, but help and guide you in your decisions, but ultimately it is always your decision, as it’s your wedding!

    How long have you been in wedding planning?

    I set up Xena Productions in 1997 when I returned from Los Angeles where I worked with a party planner there, on weddings, parties and events all over California. I was the first company In Ireland to specialize in weddings and private parties.

    What do you love most about your job?

    Even though I work on all types and sizes of events, I love weddings the most.  You are sharing in one of the most important life events of your client.  I still keep in touch with loads of clients and get sent photos of new babies etc. 

    What do you think every bride should know before they start planning a wedding?

    That it’s their wedding, so take advice but it’s your decision ultimately.  Remember to enjoy it!

    What’s the biggest mistake you see brides and grooms make?

    Trying to do too much and keep too many people happy, that they forget about themselves and the commitment they are making to each other, and it’s only the week of the wedding that it hits them.

    Why did you decide to team up with Solis Lough Eske to hold a wedding masterclass?

    I think Lough Eske is such amazing venue (in fact it has been chosen as one of the most romantic venues in Ireland to get married and will feature on UTV next year), it really has tailored itself specifically for weddings, I would be hard pushed to find fault with it and believe me, I have looked!  The fact that they are so focused on weddings and minding the couples gives me such confidence to partner with them for this masterclass.  Also the venue is so relaxing it will enable the couples or the brides to relax and ask the questions they really want to.

    What will the class entail (besides a chance to learn from the best!)?

    Attendees will really have time to spend with each expert as there are times assigned for mini seminars, also the fact that each expert is on site for a day or two, will give couples the chance to ask questions face to face or come back and ask questions later, I always find couples remember the most important question five minutes after a meeting.

    Will there be any tips for the budget conscious bride?

    Each expert will be including budget and costs in their presentations, an amazing opportunity for brides and grooms to pick the brains of some of the industry’s best.  

    What are some practical wedding planning tips that attending brides will learn?

    The hotel itself will talk people through planning a menu, stationary and calligraphy expert will talk through ordering the invitations and the time involved.  I will be giving an overall planning masterclass and will be available to answer questions over both days.  So in essence, it’s nearly a one to one consultation for each couple at the masterclass.

    To book your place at the masterclass contact Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel + 00353 (0) 74 97 25100!

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  • My Montage (every bride needs one... I’ve decided)

    Friday 28 May 2022 - Advice, Colour Palettes - Tags: None

    I was spending some time on the Budget Savvy Bride's blog and saw that she made a wedding montage of her wedding theme, colours, etc. I am a really visual person, so it is great to see how things will look side by side and as a whole. Obviously the montage is just your basic ideas and every good bride knows that ideas are anything but concrete, but it's nice to have a personal template for your wedding. Something you can come back to for inspiration and something that can keep you from getting sidetracked! You can find images on blogs and wedding websites. I got most of mine from (because they literally have thousands of photos of everything you could possibly imagine) and the blogs Style me Pretty, Snippet and Ink (great for colour swatches and montages) and The Wedding Channel.

    My head is filled with ideas and there are so many things I want! I made a couple montages before with different colours (and some of the same images) but blue is my final decision! I am really trying to reign myself in and stick to blues and cream. I think things could get very circus-like if I don't keep it simple.


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  • My Beauty Diary

    Thursday 5 November 2021 - Advice, Beauty - Tags: beauty, diary, beauty-regime-for-wedding, skincare, skincare-for-wedding-day

    This is an article in the latest issue of B Magazine, but I thought I would put it up because thanks to all the help I got, this beauty regime works...try it!

    I have always feared being high maintenance. I strived to be the girl who wore hardly any make-up, who could be ready in 20 minutes and who was happy to throw her wet hair in a pony tail and call it good. It was not until I started working for a magazine that the reality hit me...I am high maintenance and... I like it. I don’t go anywhere without make-up on, I need at least an hour to get ready and I style my hair every day, I have about 15 different types of shampoos and conditioners and about 30 different types of hair and skin products that I use on a regular bases (not to mention the other 15 for special occasions) and my strict skincare regime is as constant in my life as my three meals a day. I know beauty is fleeting and that there are far more important things to worry about than the shade of my teeth, but I want to feel confident and beautiful as I walk up the aisle. So I called in the experts; I talked to Laura, owner of the reputable Advanced Laser Light.

    Week 6: Beauty Reality Bites! I am going to need more than facials, mud masks and exfoliations to get my skin in tip top shape, so I made an appointment with Laura from Advanced Laser Light in Dublin.

    Laser Acne Treatment: I was nervous at the thought of lasers, but I heard it was the best way to get to the core of problem areas. It was obvious Laura knew exactly what she was doing. The first thing she does with every bride is a consultation which includes something called skin mapping. She put my face under a special light which showed every single blemish, clogged pore and sun say it was frightening is an understatement, it was horrifying. All my years of sun beds and beach holidays have left disgusting marks underneath my skin; it made me want to cry. But Laura, being the kind and encouraging person that she is, was there to console my deepening insecurities by telling me that what I saw on my face is normal. She reminded me that the point of the skin mapping is for her to see how she can make my skin look the best it can, not make me want to cry.

    She decided my most problematic area was the spots and pores on my chin and to do a low dose of the laser acne treatment for the area. Once again, the word ‘laser’ threw me a little, especially considering my extremely low pain threshold. But the treatment took about four minutes and felt like a little pinch, and then it was over. The lasers bring the bacteria to the surface in order to clear the pores. Laura warned me that I would break out after having the treatment. I have had quite a few spots the last couple days.

    Find skincare products: I am trying Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser and La Roche Posay Effa Clar.  I know that it is not the best time to be trying new products, but I have heard great things about these two. They seem to be just the thing to tone down breakouts and smooth my skin.

    Hair Masque: I love Pureology, so I decided to try their Essential Repair Masque. The best thing to do is use it weekly from now till the wedding.

    Week 5-The Tanning Bed Confession.... I have been completely stressed out this week. I am moving into a new apartment, and trying to get all our invitations out. My beauty routine is really the last thing on my mind; I did manage to fit in another trip to Laura at Advanced Laser Light.

    Get a Facial:  After my laser treatment last week, the next step was a Medibac facial. The facial lasted about an hour and half and was like heaven. It was just what I needed this week. Laura started by cleansing my skin, then a two part exfoliation and then she did the extractions (in laymen’s terms ‘spot popping’), she then did a relaxing neck and shoulder message and finished by applying a mask. I felt really refreshed and relaxed, and my skin is looking great.

    The tanning begins! Confession... I use sun beds. I don’t condone it, but I abhor fake tan and the beds really are the most natural tan without actually going somewhere with sun. I started with five minutes; I am hoping to go a couple times every week, gradually adding minutes.

    Week 4-Swine Flu Protection I haven’t been sleeping, my mind refuses to switch off at night and for the first time in my life, I have developed mouth ulcers, which I am told is caused by stress. I checked on and it seems to be a common occurrence with brides.

    Stock up on Vitamins: The chemist suggested I start taking a dose of vitamins every day which will help the ulcers and give my immune system a boast (one of the reasons I am not sleeping is fear of catching the swine flu). So I bought a daily vitamin drink full of all the different nutrients, I also picked up a pack for H2B!

    Eye Brow Trial:My sister gave me a good piece of advice; get an eye brow wax trial a month before the wedding, this avoids the ‘missing half an eye brow’ disaster the week of the wedding.

    Week 3- Skinsational Results My skin is looking great! After a couple weeks of breakouts from the various treatments, I can really see a big difference in how smooth my skin is. It is so rewarding to see the results after all the hard work.

    Thread Vein Removal:  I went into Advanced Laser Light one last time to have a couple unsightly thread veins removed around my nose. In all honesty, I had never paid attention to them before, but now that they are gone, I can see a big difference.

    Exfoliating Facial: Laura was happy with the progress after the acne treatment, but wanted to do one more facial for deeper exfoliation and to close the pores to prevent further break outs.

    Dermalogica Products: She sent me away with two items she calls miracle workers; Dermalogica Active Moist and the Daily Resurfacer. She said they would be just the thing to give my oily, acne prone skin that dewy bridal glow. I am using the Resurfacer for exfoliation every other day.


    Week 2- Final Touches This week is about getting things done. I tried to be as prepared as possible, but with all the other wedding odds and ends, I have found it quite difficult to fit everything in.

    Starflower Oil: Laura is known as my new best friend around the office. The woman is amazing! She recommended I start taking Starflower Oil tablets every day. Hormones are one of the major causes of blemishes, and the Starflower helps control the effect hormones have. I started yesterday and can already see a big difference

    Final Hair Cut and Hair Dye: I want my hair to be as long as possible for the wedding day so I asked for a slight trim. I want it to look healthy, but also want to leave a bit of time for it to grow out again if there was a chopping disaster. I usually get a half head of highlights but this time I went for the full so that no matter which way I wear my hair, it would be covered.

    Teeth Whitening: I picked up a pack of white strips. They are supposed to be used twice daily for 14 days. As an avid coffee drinker, my teeth desperately needed a little polish!

    Week  1-So this is what it feels like... Even though I have been planning it for months, it’s the weirdest thing in the world that it’s actually here! I feel stressed, exhausted and genuinely happy.  All I can think I am getting married (and gosh, my skin looks awesome)!

    Hair Trial:I would have done this much earlier but my wedding is in America, so this is the only time I can do it. I scoured the internet and magazines before our appointment and brought a photo into show her what I wanted. I had used the stylist before for a wedding so I knew I liked her, and my trial went great!

    Final Tan: Five days before the wedding I had my last tanning session.

    Make-up Trial:Again, this would have been better much earlier but I am very pleased with what we have decided to do.

    Massage:Stress causes breakouts and under eye circles, so the massage was a must (or so I told my penny pinching fiancé).

    Get Some Sleep: This is much easier said than done, my mind is going a million miles a minute. I really don’t want to be exhausted on my wedding day and that tired droopy eyed look is near impossible to hide.

    Contact Laura at Advanced Laser light:

    Advanced Laser Light

    Dublin, Cork, Limerick

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  • Here it is!

    Friday 16 October 2021 - Advice - Tags: None

    In 20 minutes, I will leave the office for the last time as a single lady. I am torn between feeling like this has been the slowest six months of my life and feeling like the time hardly existed. It seems like yesterday we were picking out invitations and deciding who should be in the bridal party, but now its crunch time. It's here. This thing that has made up my dreams and nightmares for the last 120 days, this event that has my sisters not speaking to each other and my fiancé obsessively checking the bank account every 5 hours, this one day that is supposed to take its place as one of the best of my life... It's hard not to feel pressure...I have to have fun, I have to be beautiful and I have "to enjoy myself." With requirements like these, how on earth am I supposed to mentally prepare myself?

    Last night my fiancé and I went to Dunnes to get some wedding supplies, we came home made a bowl of ice cream and watched 5 episodes of Come Dine with Me (in a row)...a pretty typical night. I loved it. It occurred to me that this is what I am looking forward to most. Having someone to cook for (or in my case, cook for me), watching endless TV marathons, taking walks, Saturday brunch and just plain... regular life.

    I love him, he loves me and that's it! We are getting Saturday.

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  • Sleep Deprived Brides

    Monday 14 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: sleep-deprived, stress

    I have had so much trouble getting a good night sleep lately. And when I am sleeping I am having nightmares about the wedding. It is always something like not being able to find anyone to do my hair on the day, or not being able to find my dress...its horrible. I always wake up so glad it was not real. I found these tips on about sleep, which I thought might be useful.

    Keep a Sleep Log

    It's tough to say exactly how much sleep a person needs. Adults average 7.5 hours of sleep per night, but some need only 5 hours, others 10, to feel refreshed. To determine whether or not you're getting the right amount for you, keep a record of your sleep patterns for a week or two. Each day, write down what time you went to bed, the time you woke up, and how you feel (tired, wide awake, etc.). This will help you recognize how many hours your body actually requires to feel good.

    Stick to a Schedule

    Don't underestimate the importance of keeping your biological clock in sync. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day -- even on weekends and holidays. Making up for lost sleep by "sleeping in" isn't the answer. If you're suffering from a serious sleep deficit, what you really need is to get in eight hours of shut-eye, two nights (at least) in a row.

    Get Moving

    Exercise helps ensure getting a good night's rest. Regular workouts reduce stress and ease tension so sleeping will be easier. It's been proven that the physically fit spend more time in the deepest stages of sleep. Try to get at least 30- to 40-minute's worth of exercise three days a week. Take a brisk walk or hit the gym in the late afternoon -- early-morning exercise won't alleviate the stress you encounter later that day -- but be careful not to schedule workouts too close to bedtime. You don't want exercise to rev you up when you should be winding down.

    Kick the Caffeine Habit

    While a morning cup of joe shouldn't have much of an effect on sleep, caffeine -- even in small amounts -- may keep you awake. Unless you consume so much that your body has developed a tolerance to it, you might want to avoid products containing the stimulant for at least six hours before bedtime. Keep in mind that caffeine can be found in more than just coffee -- it's also in decaf coffee (really!), tea, diet pills, and chocolate. Nicotine is also a stimulant that can keep you awake and disturb sleep patterns, so if you're having a hard time dozing off or find yourself waking up during the night, quit smoking.

    Don't Go to Bed Hungry

    Going to sleep on an empty stomach isn't a good idea -- the hunger pangs will probably wake you up. Instead, try eating a light snack about an hour before turning in. Stick to carbohydrate-rich foods, which are more easily digested, and stay away from anything high in fat. The jury's still out on the folklore remedy, warm milk. But hey, it's worth a try.

    -- The Knot

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  • The Speech

    Tuesday 1 September 2022 - Advice - Tags: speech

    My fiance is best man at his brothers wedding this weekend, which means he is going to get a good trial run for our wedding! I was in touch with public speaking coach Brenda Harte of Harte to Heart, who has given some great tips for delivering a speech-which I thought I should pass on for either your bridal speech or for your H2B's speech.

    For the groom speech:

    If the bride is not giving a speech .. then he'll start with "My wife and I ...  If he has been introduced by an MC .. then he will thank him.Your fiancé will thank just about everyone!    He does not want to sound like he's giving an Oscar winning speech! To avoid this - he should try to lighten his thanks with a spot of humour.He'll thank his new father-in-law for his kind words and both your parents for the fine job they did in bringing you  up. The guests should be thanked for their generous gifts and indeed for coming (especially if they have travelled far)

    He will ...

    (iv)  Talk about when you both first met .. who made the first move?   Who proposed to whom?

    (v)   Add in any humourous stories about your life together so far.   Devote a large part of the speech to you, his new wife  (especially if you're not going to speak yourself).    He might tell you how he feels about you and what you mean to him. 

    (vi)   .. now turn to the Best Man and thank him for accepting the role (and also if he is the MC) and maybe tell the guests that you are dreading what he is going to say!?

    (vii)  He should offer a toast to you .. .. a very touching moment!

    (viii)  Finally, he should thank the bridesmaids on behalf of you both and propose a toast to them.

    It is really heartwarming to hear "My wife and I "  .. or "on behalf of Mrs. (married name) and I"   .. All lovely and romantic!

    For the best man speech:

    He should have the points he wants to make written on cue cards - say about 6/7.  However, since the Wedding is so close, he will most likely need more cue cards.  Hopefully no more than ten.

    Avoid any remarks/jokes that might offend anyone (Granny or Granddad)?Furthermore, by all means play for laughs - but spare the Groom's feelings! 

    Remember the Best Man is speaking on behalf of the rest of the wedding assistants - Bridesmaids, Ushers,               Page Boy/s, Flower Girl/s etc.

    He should cover the following points:

    • Thank the MC - unless he himself is MC.
    • Thank the Groom (his brother) for his kind words and for the honour of being the Best Man.  
    •    "     the wedding assistants (Bridesmaids, Page Boy/s etc.)
    •  Traditionally, the wedding couple give gifts to the wedding assistants.   On behalf of them and yourself, thankl the wedding couple for these gifts ... maybe make a joke that these gifts will not act as a bribe and stop you from making fun of the groom.
    • Tell a couple of funny stories about his brother, the Groom.  The fact that they grew up together should spark off lots of memories. The Best Man could even run a brief chronological curriculum vitae on Mark.
    • If the Best Man has anything humourous about the Bride .. include this.
    • Read out any emails etc.
    • Give your brother and his new wife your best wishes for their future together.
    • Conclude by announcing the cutting of the cake and ask the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the new couple  Mr. & Mrs.  (give names) ?  

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  • The web and my wedding.

    Thursday 27 August 2022 - Advice - Tags: stationery, save-the-date-rsvp-online-planning

    Our wedding is turning out to be a complicated affair. I am American and the main ceremony and reception will be in America, but we are also having a reception in Kilkenny (where my fiancé is from) which will be nearly as big as the one in the States. We are finding that there is really no easy way to relay this information to our 200 guests.

    We have decided to do the bulk of our planning online, since it is really the only way to bring our wedding together in one point (and address). I don't want people to have to pay international postage to send RSVP's to America from Ireland, or vice versa. We have set up a website where our guests can RSVP, get information on both receptions and contact us for information. We have also decided that we need to send Save the Dates, and are going to try to do it over e-mail. The only concern I have it the older guests who don't even own a computer (ie the grandparents). So I think we will have to send a couple paper Save the Dates. I have been doing research on the best way to word the online RSVP in the invitations and I found these tips from the Budget Savvy Bride blog (which is great by the way): On one side of the RSVP card is:

    "The favor of a reply is requested by . Please RSVP on our wedding website:"

    On the other side of the card is:

    TO RSVP: Navigate your web browser to www. Click the bottom left square labeled 'RSVP' to submit your RSVP. Fill in the information in the appropriate boxes: your names and the number of people attending. If you will not be attending, please put 'NO' in the '# Attending?' box If you are unable to go to our website, please call Jessica at to RSVP. Thank you! We look forward to celebrating with you!"

    You will receive an e-mail with the RSVP info, and then it is up to you to keep a spreadsheet of the information!

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  • Gifts for the Bridesmaids

    Friday 5 June 2022 - Advice - Tags: bridesmaids

    I was thinking about bridesmaid gifts...what is a bridesmaid gift supposed to be? Just a gift of thanks? Or a keepsake? I have decided I want my gifts to be momentos of the day, and generally my relationship with each bridesmaid (there are 8, so its a big enough task!). I like the idea of jewellery. My recent addiction to found me these little treasures.

    Gifts for bridemaids Gift for bridemaidsGifts for bridemaids

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  • So It begins....

    Tuesday 12 May 2022 - Advice - Tags: None

    engaged Weddings have made of my 9 to 5 for almost two years now. So when it came time to getting engaged I thought I was ready for it. I thought I had heard every engagement story, read every theory on guest lists (and resolving conflict regarding guest lists) and thought I knew the exact emotions I would feel as he slipped the ring on my finger...

    I was wrong.

    Now, it is personal. It is my wedding. It is easy to give suggestions for someone else's big day, but when it is yours...only you (and possibly your fiancé) feel the weight of each and every decision. And even though it will not be the end of the world if your invitation colour is a shade darker than your bridesmaid dresses...and no one but your mother would even notice, for some reason, as a bride-to-be, it matters.

    We are at the beginning stages of our wedding plans. We are in the midst of deciding colours, which venue is best and how to pick a date that will please most of our guests (which is difficult because he is Irish and I am American).

    Before me is the blank page of my wedding and even though I have written step-by-step guides to starting wedding plans, I am finding I am too scared to mar the page.

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