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  • Staying Focused on your Wedding Day -Laser Eye Sugery

    Monday 10 October 2021 - Beauty, Advice - Tags: ultralase-clinic, laser-eye-surgery-price, eye-testing-ireland, laser-eye-surgery

    laser eye surgery irelandThis article is sponsored by Ultralase Laser Clinic, Ireland.

    Picture it: It’s your special day, and you’re marrying the love of your life. You and your bridesmaids have spent all morning having your hair styled and make-up applied. You have the dress of your dreams - the kind you’ve been fantasising about since you were three, the kind thatyou used to draw with your friends at school and the kind that took you many stressful hours to find. Your husband-to-be who, let's face it,is a bit of a scruff, has scrubbed up well and looks rather dashing in a suit and tails. All in all you’re one happy girl. Or you would be if youcould see it all sharp and in focus.

    Whether you’re long or short sighted, I can speak from experience as a best man that it gets old very fast having to put on then take off your glasses constantly throughout a wedding ceremony, depending on what’s going on. And though they are useful, I’m sure you, as a bride, wouldn’t want to wear a glasses chain around your neck all day and ruin your outfit. Of course the next best thing would be contact lenses (if you can get over the whole ‘touching your eyeball’ thing) and though your day will be seen in splendid clarity, you will have to take them out at night time which may interrupt other activities!

    So when you’re making a list of things to do for your wedding day to make it perfect, fixing your eye sight at an Ultralase Laser Clinic in Ireland might be something you would overlook or that wouldn't be at the top of your priority list. But think of it this way - as one of the most important days of your life, surely you would want to enjoy it all and soak it all up? Surely you'd want to be able to look out from the alter after kissing your husband and see all your friends and family basking in your radiant happiness? And to do that, you would need perfect 20/20 eye sight.

    With laser eye surgery, a plethora of vision problems can be treated - from long and short sightedness to the natural condition of Presbyopia which can affect those in their middle-ages - giving you no excuse not to get the most from your big day. Many clinics offer free consultations to help you decide whether it is right for you, and these will usually involve:

    • An extensive eye examination by an Optometrist which features a mix of tests you will be familiar with - such as the eye chart vision test - and some that will be new, as well as the forum to ask and be asked questions about the process.
    • You will then have your eyes mapped to give the Optometrist a full understanding of your lenses. This will be more in depth than the previous test and is performed in order to give you the best advice possible.
    • With your eyes fully analysed, the Optometrist will explain which eye surgeries are suitable for you, discussing the advantages of each vision correction treatment and helping choose the best for you. You can ask any further questions that you might want answering and can book in immediately if it suits you.

    Other clinics may also include a patient forecast which will detail the full results of your eye test, break them down into easy to read graphs, and feature impartial feedback from former patients of your age range and prescription who have had the surgery. Many clinics also offer lifetime aftercare for free to give you the best possible results and to make sure your life with perfect vision goes without a hitch - these include follow up appointments, and access to 24/7 aftercare advice phone lines.

    With laser eye surgery offered from as little as �395 per eye and priced on a sliding scale depending on the strength of your sight, it's a procedure worth thinking about in order to make your perfect day just that little bit more effortless and enjoyable.

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