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  • Photographer of the Month - October 2011 - Give us a Goo Photography

    Wednesday 5 October 2021 - Supplier Spotlight - Tags: photographer

    give us a goo photography

    "We would like to recommend Phil Voon (Give us a GOO) as a photographer for all styles of weddings. I happened to be a very unorganised and last minute kind of Bride. So Phil’s relaxed nature and adaptability really suited our style. We had a marquee style wedding which you can imagine would benefit from a dry day. We have since been told we had the wettest day for the summer of 2011. Because Phil had scouted the venue prior to the day, he had looked at options for all types of weather and had some clever idea’s to make the most of a very wet day. I had asked for lots of action shots of people socialising and enjoying themselves rather than posed shots. When it came to the bridal party photo’s, we had so much fun taking our photo’s and the smiles and laughter are 100% genuine. I have been to wedding’s where the photography can be a very strenuous and long part of the day, but we had a completely different experience. We have great photo’s that are original and truly capture the quintessence of our day. Phil is great at putting people at ease and whatever type of picture you ask him for he delivered upon. I have had so many people comment on how nice Phil was and how amazing the photo’s are. I would have no doubt recommending him to my friends as a photographer for their special day."

    - M&M, 14th August 2011

    Contact Details
    Email:[email protected]
    Phone: 045 853 683
    Mobile: 086 893 9600




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  • 8 Reasons why every photographer should blog...

    Monday 13 June 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: photographer, 8-reasons-why-photographers-should-blog, blog

    Every single day I look at my favourite wedding blogs, weekends included. And I am not the only one. Brides love to think about their weddings more than just about anything else (all you have to do is take a look at to see that’s true) and the constantly fresh nature of blogs is right up their alley. As the editor of a wedding magazine, blogs connect me with the wedding world. They let me know what’s going on, and show me who’s hot in weddings. I find many of the images and weddings that we feature in B Magazine from blogs.  If I see something I like I will ask the photographer if we can print the images in the magazine or the blog with a prominent credit, giving them additional publicity and press for their portfolio. If you are a photographer and you don’t have a wedding’s time to get one and here is why.

    1. Web sites are annoying. Yes, every business should have one, but sites aren’t the best way to see a large quantity of images in a short amount of time. And, I am sorry to say (especially since 90% of photographers have them) flash sites are incredibly frustrating to use. They may look pretty, but most people won’t wait a minute for each image to load; they want to see everything, immediately (or as close as possible).

    2. Your clients are browsing. The main resource brides and grooms use for wedding plans is the web, and if your presence is not strong, they simply won’t find you. But if you are linked on other blogs, on and easily found in a Google search, you are vastly expanding your presence.

    3. More traffic. If I am looking for cool wedding images for my blog and decide to take them from your blog (with credit and links to your site), you not only increase your searchability on the web, but will get more clicks to your site. You will also get traffic if you post one of your recent weddings on your blog and the couple tells their family and friends to check it out; they might post it on their facebook profile, twitter or MySpace, and the cycle continues!

    4. Your photos are most important. As a photographer, your portfolio is what will ultimately sell you to a bride. A blog is a quick and easy way to show your work without the confines of galleries and albums on a site. Each wedding you shoot should get a blog entry, so it’s there for anyone who wants to see it.

    5. Blogs give you personality. Displaying your prices, history and accomplishments on a static webpage is not enough anymore. Brides want to see your businesses personality. When you blog you are building a relationship without trying to sell them anything.

    6. Blogging builds brand recognition and makes you an expert. When you have a repertoire of posts, you build your reputation as an expert in the industry. You become the person who gives out advice and has amazing photos; and above all, has credibility.

    7. Networking. Whether it’s with brides and grooms, fellow photographers, journalists or other wedding suppliers; a blog will connect you with more people in the wedding industry.

    8. Blogging generates business. If it comes down to you and another photographer, the bride will choose the photographer they are most familiar with. When they Google your name and pages and pages of entries come up, it establishes you as the most reliable and logical choice. If they only see 20 images on the other photographer’s web page and see your whole portfolio on your blog, you are the person they know the most about and the clear best choice.

    Some photographer blogs I like and regularly check:

    We know that your time is precious so we suggest that you create a blog feed (RSS or Google reader), bookmark these few blogs and submit your photos for publication regularly:

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