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Colour Palette: Purple, Cerise and Green

Thursday 13 October 2021 - Uncategorized - Tags: unusual-wedding-colours, colour-themes, green-purple-and-cerise-colour-theme, colour-palette, purple, green

These colours are bright and dramatic and are receiving a very warm reception in the world of weddings. When we see these purples, cerises and greens together we think of care-free, glossy, happy soirees! Add gold as an accent colour to finish off for a sophisticated, unique look.


Wedding and Decor Images: Luna Photo | Tie: House of Fraser | Dress: Marks&Spencer | Earrings: Talullah Tu | Fascinator: Edel Ramberg | Shoe: Dune | Favour Box: |

To get this green, cerise and purple palette for your own wedding check out the WOL Shop!

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