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How to Prepare the Perfect Groom Speech

Speaking in front of a crowd can be nerve racking for some but giving a heartfelt speech thanking all the attendees and professing your love for your new wife is absolutely terrifying. Imagining everyone in their underpants probably won't help you remember your two's first kiss or assist in thanking your new Father-In-Law for his generosity in allowing you to marry his daughter... this will. By Lindsie Rowe

The origin of toasting is not set in stone, however; one story tells of it beginning during ancient Greek culture when the host of a wedding would drink wine out of a common pitcher to reassure all the guests that the drink was not poisoned. There is also a belief that the host was the last to drink from the common pitcher which carried an actual piece of toast at the bottom, he would then eat it on behalf of the guests. Either way, toasts are now a traditional part of weddings all over the world and one of the most anticipated toasts is that of the groom. “How do I write a speech?” you ask. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll soon be searching for a dry eye in the room.

The Thank Yous

First and foremost, the groom must thank everyone who has participated and/or attended the wedding. This order should be followed to keep respect for your new Father-In-Law who has just finished speaking on behalf of you and your wife.

Thank you to:

1.Your new Father-In-Law (and your new Mother-In-Law) for his acceptance and generosity.

2.Your own parents for pretty much everything.

3. The guests who gave up a night (and hopefully a sizeable gift) to come celebrate with you on the biggest day of your life.

4.Your Best Man who actually pulled through and didn’t lose the rings!

5.The bridesmaids and groomsmen for assisting in all the wedding duties throughout the day.

The Assuring

After giving all the obligatory thank-yous return to addressing the father of the bride and his wife. This is a very bitter-sweet day for them, in one aspect they are giving their daughter away but in another they are accepting you into their family. They expect you to take care of her, acknowledge this. Ensure them that you care deeply for their daughter and that you will allow no harm to afflict her. Touch on anything that your Father-In-Law gave during his speech to; once again, simply reassure him that you will take care of his daughter.

Your Story

After speaking to your new family, turn the concentration back to you and your wife, tell of how you first met, when you first knew you were in love with her and when you realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her. Tell a funny story of yours, it can be embarrassing but not too over-the-top (you don’t want your new wife to be mad at you your first night as a married couple) to get the audience laughing. Brief comic relief is vital in keeping the audience listening and gives a small amount of entertainment value for a generally lovey-dovey topic.


After setting yourself up so well with romantic (or hilarious) stories, it will be easy to swoon over your new bride. This is one of the few times you’ll be able to do so publicly so make sure not to forget - the guests will love it, but more importantly, so will she. Compliment her and tell her how lucky you are to have met her, how she’s changed you from the schmuck you once were to the man you are now and how you wouldn’t change a thing (unless she asks you to, of course). Speak fondly of your future together since today is the day of just that; a life together.

One Last Tip

The key to a great speech is sincerity, if a groom is humble and sincere, the listeners will not pry into the content of the speech or care if you have a bit of stage fright and stumble over your words but their hearts will be warmed by the love that surrounds you and your wife instead. Speak with compassion and love for your wife and your family and you’re sure to give a speech that is loved by all.


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