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Your wedding photography is a one shot deal...with no undo button. Ros Byrne of gives her top tips for choosing the right photographer.

The key advice from is to choose a professional photographer for your wedding.  One of the most common mistakes is to ask a family friend or enthusiastic relative to photograph your big day. You are often left to piece together an album composed of unstructured shots most of which aren’t great quality. Even with the right equipment, photographing a wedding is a daunting task requiring experience, the ability to be invisible and more importantly the artistic talent to capture the memorable details and emotions of your wedding day. 

Initially you should check the photographer listings to choose a photographer, look at their websites, check their availability and arrange to meet with them.

But how do you really know which is the one for you?

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

You have to click with your photographer. Not in the sense that you tell them your deepest secrets, but that you know they are the type of person you are happy to trust your special day with.

A wedding photographer doesn’t just take pictures, click, click click……  They capture moments with emotion and passion. Like who try to tell your story and bring a style of photography that speaks to you and the tone of your wedding. After all, they have been given the significant task of being your ONLY wedding photographer and will need to build up a relationship with you before the wedding date to ensure they tell your story, your way.


When you are sitting across the table from a potential photographer, how do they make you feel? Are you getting excited about your day as you talk to them? When they talk to you, do they seem as excited about your day as you are? Do they enjoy taking photos? Is it more than just a job?

Take a Look

You have probably seen their work on the website, now is your chance to see the photographs and album designs up close. Do they have a good selection of what you would like? Are the shots in focus, the correct exposure and all that technical stuff?  Are their albums creative? Can they show you a real album that has just been designed? Will they let you speak to previous clients - for example will give you names of brides that you can talk to and ask how they felt about their photographer.


Your wedding photographer may be a supplier, but remember they will be with you at special moments on your awesome day.  So are they fun to be with?  It may be 30 degrees in the shade (highly unlikely in Ireland) or two below zero.  Can they adapt and still make it fun and stress-free for all your guests?

Listens to You

You want a wedding photographer with experience who knows what they are doing.  But do they ask about how YOU see your day?  If they don’t ask you what you want, they won’t GET the pictures that you want. You want them to ask you questions and get to know you. 

When your photographer truly understands YOUR day, and how it will unfold you will have found a photographer who clicks with you and hopefully for you!!!!

Photos from Rhona and Ian’s wedding at Castle Leslie in Monaghan by

Roslyn Byrne - Wedding Photographer

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