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Tips for Getting Married Abroad

Getting married has to be one of the most important days of your life when you want everything to go right, perfect weather, the perfect dress and obviously the groom to turn up.

Getting married has to be one of the most important days of your life when you want everything to go right, perfect weather, the perfect dress and obviously the groom to turn up. Over the last few years , more and more Irish couples are looking at Weddings Abroad to make their day even more special and Italy is among the most popular wedding destinations.

Getting married in Italy gives couples excellent food & wine, warm welcomes, unforgettable scenery and sometimes great savings compared with a wedding at home.

Northern Italy with the lakes area, Venice, Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Amalfi coast, more recently Apulia & Sicily are the key locations chosen for tying the knot in a unique atmosphere.

For those couples getting married in Italy a few tips to keep in mind.

How many guests will attend my wedding in Italy?

From our experience receiving an invitation to a wedding abroad is very exciting, but in reality only 60 / 70 % of guests invited can attend the event. Some cannot because they are not able to travel, some because a wedding abroad will mean taking a few days off work… so in general the average of guests number range from 70 to 100 .

What is the difference between a wedding in Italy and a wedding at home?

In Italy, Irish couples can have both a civil ceremony with legal value & a catholic ceremony legally recognized in Ireland - so from ceremony / service point of view, there’s not a real difference - except that Italian civil ceremonies take place in romantic town halls such as the Sala Rossa in Florence, Palazzo Cavalli in Venice, Sala Dante in San Gimignano.. and church weddings are in unique cathedrals or in romantic little chapels scattered among the Tuscan rolling hills. That can really make the difference.

An Italian wedding meal is all inclusive - meaning that you will have included in the price a 4 or 5 courses meal, drinks, table setting, chairs & coverings, service … prices may vary according to the venue and period - but for sure nothing extra will be charged.

Sunny days - in the centre of Italy temperature may vary from 10°C in winter to the 40°C of summer time! And lots of couples decide for Italy above all for the weather.

Wine - Italy offers a wide range of wine to be served at the wedding meal - for all pockets and for all tastes.

What kind of venue should I expect?

Wedding breakfast or dinner are organized in Hotels (sometime with a limited time for dancing & bar after the meal), villas (to be rented or for a short break or only for the wedding day), castle (ancient residences turned into romantic & appealing wedding locations), inner villages. This is the latest trend - to hire a little inner village and have the ceremony & wedding meal in the amongst the romantic little roads with all the inhabitants taking part in the organization.

Italy, but where?

Couples choose the areas for differentreasons:

Distance from the main airports

Facilities offered

Wedding Theme

Food & wine

Tuscany & Umbria ( between April & October) are the key regions where Irish decide to get married.

What makes the difference?

Of course there are lots of wedding planners, agencies, or specialists on the market and sometimes it is quite difficult to choose between them. Couples are afraid to spend more money than they need to and not get the good service they deserve. People make the difference - friendly staff helping you, open to suggestions and also having a realistic approach to the organization. A wedding abroad is in any case different from a wedding at home! And ask, ask, ask… do not be scared of asking for help, suggestion, explanations.

E poi??? Viva gli Sposi!

Rossana Sapori


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