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Shopping Tips

When you have figured out which dress shape and what will suit your figure you are ready to go shopping. Here are some tips that should be useful when going for that all-important purchase.

  • Know your shape
  • Know what suits your shape
  • Never set your mind on something before you try it on
  • Have a budget on how much you will spend
  • If you plan to lose weight, your body shape will not change just get smaller.
  • Allow at least nine months before the wedding. (Don't panic if you have less)
  • Bring someone along with you for an opinion
  • Dress for the occasion i.e. have suitable underwear on.
  • Don't settle on the first one, even if you do love it. Try on more
  • Ask how long it will take to order
  • Ask how much of a deposit they need
  • Shop around for price
  • Don't feel pressured into ordering straight away
  • Remember gown sizes are usually smaller than regular dress sizes.

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