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Real Wedding: New York City by Corin Bishop

A stylish and intimate New York City wedding, documented by Corin Bishop

I don't really want to say too much about this wedding, shot by Corin Bishop, cause really the photos speak a million words. The couple are Jeanita and Conor, and the wedding was in Central Park -no friends, no family, just the two of them. (They were having a big party back home) I just think it's such a wonderful idea, and it worked for them so well, you can just sense how relaxed, content, excited and in the moment the two are in these images.

Corin: "It turned out it was just going to be Jeanita and Conor in NY. No family or friends (that’s what the party back home was for!). The wedding was to be in Central Park. Very relaxed but very intimate and personal. They were really into getting nice photo’s. They we’re up for pretty much anything and wanted to make the most of the opportunity. My head was buzzing with three billion ideas and after meeting I realised how much we were all thinking along the same lines. I also needed to be realistic and remember it’s not all about getting cool images. It’s about documenting their day, recording this moment in their life that means so much to them. Some balance was needed..."

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"We got to Central Park with gorgeous colours, fab light and the temperature was perfect! At this point I didn’t want to interfere too much. I gave basic tips to Jeanita and Conor and set them off. I didn’t want to make everything too posed!"

central park wedding
central park bride

And my favourite photo! (-Ed)

grand central station

You HAVE TO go to Corin's blog to see the rest of these shots, this is just a tiny snippet and it was so difficult to edit them down! His slideshow is here

And here's Corin's site address,

You can contact him on: [email protected] or ring +353 (0)90 6444 657 and tell him you saw his AMAZING shots on the WOL blog of course!



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    Submitted by lorraine on Tuesday 16 August 2022

  • What brilliant pictures in a fabulous location! Im also loving the dress. Anyone know where its from. I have my heart set on a short wedding dress.

    Submitted by Alison on Saturday 23 July 2022

  • what an amazing idea, brilliant photos beautiful

    Submitted by sophia on Thursday 21 July 2022

  • OMG!!! What pictures, really really amazing, such a unique wedding, cant express how much I love it!

    Submitted by Emily on Monday 18 July 2022

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