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Fashion: 12 of the Best Day After Dresses for the Spring Bride

12 beautiful 'day-after' dresses to flatter any figure!

I saw some girls were chatting on the forums about what they were going to wear the day after the wedding. The day after is a really exciting day for many brides as it's the day when they know any wedding stress will be gone, and they can spend quality time with their guests...and with their hubby! The day after the wedding you want something fresh, comfortable and fabulous, and something that makes you feel like a new woman!

Check out these 12 dresses we've chosen for the day after -they're all super stylish in their own way, and my favourite thing about them is they will flatter ANY figure. I know a lot of stylists say this but these dresses really will!

day after wedding dresses
1. River Island, 49.99, 2. House of Fraser, €265

spring dresses
3. M&S, 65 4. Monsoon, 75

dresses spring 2011 
5. Next, €37 6. M&S, 35dresses
7. M&Co, 65 8. Love Miss Daisy Vintage

spring dresses

9. Debenhams, 98 10. Monsoon, 65

bride dress
11. M&S, 65 12. Monsoon, 180


And some shoes, cause you have to make a statement, orange heels from Red Herring at Debenhams, floral peeptoes from New Look.

So, what are you wearing the day after your wedding day????


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  • Hello, what a great page, well done. I've tried to find a couple of dress that you've featured however to no avail. The first dress, stripped with pink and blue flowers is the one that I really love. Can you let me know if these are this seasons dress's for Marks & Spensers as it's not featured on their website. Thanks so much for your help. Linda

    Submitted by Linda Prendiville on Tuesday 22 March 2022

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