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La Sposa 2011 Collection

la sposa dorothy image

Spanish label La Sposa is great for the glamorous bride. Check out their 2011 collection, which is seperated into five different catagories: Silueta, Diva, Chic, Glam & Ballgown.

la sposa 2011 ireland
Left: Dado Right: Daimiel

la sposa bridal ireland
Left: Dagen Right: Dalmacia

la sposa 2011
Left: Danza Right: Damasco

la sposa bridal
Left: Diafano Right: Dorado

la sposa ireland
Left: Ducal Right: Delhi

la sposa detail
Left: Detail Right: Denia

La Sposa is stocked in the following:

B Couture Bridal, Wicklow
Thistles Bridal Couture, Galway
Lady's Day, Monaghan
Ophelia Bridal, Louth
Tamem Michael, Dublin
Moderne Bridal Store, Cork

Please check with individual stores for styles and appointments.


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