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Facebook Marketing: Dos and Don'ts

Despite losing popularity in the last few months, Facebook is still the largest social media platform and a great opportunity for you, wedding suppliers, to market your business to brides, connect with them and increase your traffic.

Following a Facebook course with the brilliant Simply Zesty crowd, we wanted to share with you some of their tips on how to market your business on Facebook.

- Competitions to increase likes are forbidden, a lot of accounts have been closed because of it
- You can't post the name of the winner either
- Competitions should be run on a separate tab, not on the wall
- You can't say "like us/tag yourself to win/be entered in our competition" but you can say "only our fans get access to the best deals/competitions..."

- Create a business page and not a profile for your business - if you already created a profile page we suggest that you change for a page (Facebook have been known to close business profile pages)
- You can now use Facebook as a page and like a page as your company and not yourself
- You can hide the 5 photos at the top of your profile to change them (click the cross on the top right)
- You can also decide which "favourite pages" to be displayed on your page (5 pages)
- Your fans can't share your page with their friends anymore (Facebook probably did that to
encourage people to advertise) - only the administrator of a page can recommend the page to
their friends
- Limit facebook updates to once a week - don't try to link out of Facebook on every update
- The edge rank of your page means how many people actually read/ interact with your updates
if people don't read or hide your updates they won't appear in their stream anymore and your edge rank is lower
- To improve your edge rank you can customize your update and only make it viewable by country, city and language - to make it more relevant
- You can create a moderation blocklist with a list of keywords - the person who will try to post with any of the keywords will be told that they can't post

Facebook ads
- 2 types: standard ad or sponsored story
- Sponsored stories are new, more social - they tell a story and are displayed in your fans' newsfeed
- Don't take people out of Facebook with your ad - link to your Facebook page
Bounce rate from Facebook ads to a website is about 70%
- Don't have people land on your wall but create another page such as a welcome or competition page

- Keep an eye on your unlikes as well as your likes
- Figure out what made them switch off

How to grow your likes
-You can now send updates to part or all your fans - they will receive them in their facebook mailbox and they are FREE
- Limit these updates to 1 a month
- Advertise your presence on Facebook with a like box on your homepage and other few places on your website
- Create events
- Get people to tag themselves on photos
- Create competitions within Facebook rules


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