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The Goddess Room - Vintage at the Cutting Edge of Fashion

Monday 23 January 2022 - Uncategorized - Tags: vintage, fashion, the-goddess-room, wedding-dresses

the goddess room bridal
Photos Lucy Nuzum

By Karen Birney

As you have probably gathered already, we are HUGE fans of all that is true vintage and are known to pine over the intricate embroidery, lavish laces, striking structures and the delicate beading of often one-off, hand-made, pre-70s pieces. We are also aware that the words 'vintage' and 'couture' are a tad overused when it comes to bridal fashion and style (two very different concepts.) Except, unmistakably, when it comes to The Goddess Room.

"The aim of the Goddess Room," says owner Marie Therese Duggan, "is to seek out stylish, classic, one-off vintage wedding gowns for the contemporary bride at a reasonable price. The quality of the fabrics, usually silks satins and laces are exquisite and of far superior quality than those available to most brides today...I love the workmanship and craft displayed in each and every gown."

If the thoughts of 20s Chanel is a little intimidating to some fair weathered fashionistas, remember that vintage couture is not just for the ultra-fashionable. “Any bride can find a dress to suit them,” says Marie. “Vintage clothing is a winner for all body shapes because the clothes were made to flatter the female form, it was the first and most essential job a garment had to do.”

If you fall in love with a gown that doesn’t hug you in all the right places however, don’t fret, Marie offers a couture service and designs to your personal specifications.

Prices for gowns at The Goddess Room range from €350 to €3,500.

The Goddess Room's latest video Vintage at the Cutting Edge of Fashion showcases their latest evening, bridal and day wear. Check it out below.


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